WMF-Man Begins

A long while back, in an office far, far away, there was a 5 gallon water cooler. The replacement jugs were shoved in a closet and if you were the lucky one, you had to replace it, walking about 25 feet or so.

One day someone noticed me grabbing one and holding it upside down, by the spout with one arm.

“Wait till you get me age,” he said.

His lack of vigor and enthusiasm sucked mine right out of me. (This was when I was younger and such negativity could penetrate my soul more easily.)

Now I just feel sorry for the chump.

Wait till you get my age.

This guy was a pudgeball computer programmer with soft hands. No judgement here, but a man should NOT have soft hands. There’s something elemental to a man’s nature which requires rough work with the hands (repairing things, digging, chopping things down, and of course weight lifting)

It’s been about 17 years since I heard the “wait till you get my age” thing and now I AM that dude’s age. And what I can tell you is that bad habits have a way of sneaking up on you and that the fire of youth throws off a lot of things that will take an older man down.

  • A daily hit of coffee, or two…or three.
  • The overeating of a good meal, or snacking throughout the day…
  • The news (nattering nabobs of negativism – thanks for that Spiro Agnew), daily trumpeting how bad things are and how you should be afraid with the giant red CV-19 dot over your geolocation)
  • The violence we watch in the forms of “entertainment” which ends up frying our nerves…
  • The smartphone we can’t put down, which helps us piss away small moments of time and prevents super-deep thinking (You think Elon Musk lets his phone own him?)

So, now it’s more like WMF-Man is Reborn. Because part of the rebirth is looking at who you are and what you do and casting off the stuff that doesn’t serve.

So, WMF is about awareness. Being aware of what is impacting your health and what is keeping you from being a better person.

And then making changes.

I’m not sitting here on the mountain top having arrived. It’s an everyday journey and the negative tendencies in me are always lurking. But by staying aware, by following routines, I stay in great shape with plenty of strength for everything life throws at me.

You can too.

It starts and ends with basic exercise, an active life, plenty of sleep, and a good diet.