It all started when I crashed my car into a telephone pole. I was totally drunk. And, in fact, most days back then I was getting totally drunk. Even after the accident. And, to be frank, there was a long period of time where I didn’t know what would happen after that first drink. When would I stop?

I knew I needed to make changes, and lots of them.

And that is right around the time when I discovered the writings of Pavel Tsatsouline. You may not know who he is but for me he taught me how Bruce Lee could be so strong. It was all about the nervous system.

And this applies not just to strength, but also to optimal functioning. You see, the thoughts we think are things, and we can gain control over them and change the trajectory of our lives.

I was on a path to Hell on Earth, and completely changed the trajectory.

But it took time. The battle with alcohol took a bit over a decade to be honest. Could have tried harder, for sure, but I also didn’t have the methods immediately available to me.

Didn’t have the Raja Yogo stuff. Didn’t have the reasons why. Didn’t have good goal setting and personal development frameworks to follow. Didn’t realize that to change you need to continually immerse yourself.

There is no sitting at the beach thinking that you’ve conquered all. Eternal vigilance.

This is the stuff I teach in my books. This is why I’m not mainstream. So many people are content to pop a pill or just ignore their problems. But not us. Let’s dig in and evolve and get to the root of our problems and be better for ourselves and everyone around us.

I’m not a trainer. I’ve been trained as one and I’ve worked in a gym and done the class in park thing with kettlebells and at one time I was at three different gyms. Lugging my kettlebells around and doing farmer’s walks in and out of gyms.

Now I’m a DIY Home Gym person.

I love looking at the old timers. Before all the complication was introduced into training. And these old timers were super strong, let me tell you. Simpler methods, stronger people. It’s always been an attraction.

So, my take is a bit different. I’m not in a gym all day with plenty of time to get in shape. I’m a full time worker with a wife and kids. Same time challenges as you. But I’m doing it—staying super strong—and you can do it, too, with the methods I teach.

My mission with this site is to help men realize their full potential by removing all the obstacles in the way. All the things that are limiting the nerve strength have got to go, of be drastically reduced. We need you at full power.

I do that by teaching methods that dig into your mind and enact fundamental change and deep levels. Then I’ll fill you up with info from the greats of old who were conquerers of Willpower and Nerve power.

So that’s me and what is going on around here. Subscribe to the newsletter and check out my books to go deeper.

Justin Qualler