Summer class is hard fucking work. I’ve been in school awhile now. Part of me wants my life back. I’m able to see the impact it is making. I just want to get done. So I need to look at how my completion schedule looks. Do I need to take 6 credits in the fall? How does that look. Last push now with accounting. Three chapters and 6 more days. I’m taking the second session off and that’s a relief I tell ya. Almost 2 months of no school.

It’s mental

In terms of impact—it’s all mental. It’s all mental focus. I can tell right now I am overworked. It’s in the nerves. Part of that is spiritual changes also. I think the gout was stress partly but also I remember when I bought a bunch of chicken at Woodman’s. It was like, fuck, that’s a lot of fucking meat. Nick Lynch’s words (not directed at me but in general) “You eat too much meat.” It’s true, Nick, we do.

Too much meat

Since that time I’ve been conscious about my meat consumption and then I get gout after eating too much meat at an Indian restaurant. Steve Maxwell would say, “paying the price.” Now it’s all fruit and vegetables, lentils, eggs, fish and some chicken. In descending order in terms of quantity. I’ve definitely lost weight. But I’m strong, especially for my weight. It’s a remaking of sorts—total change of the physical input.

Current Training

So let’s get into the training. I’ve mentioned Alan Calvert and expanding the rib cage with the pullover. There is also his whole order of importance in terms of muscles. Back, front, sides, butt, legs. Alternating kettlebell swings, deadlifts, squats, ab wheels, windmills, single arm military presses. Here’s a drawing of some thoughts on the matter:

DrawingForTrainingCalvertStyle 1024x720 - Super strength (strength along the spine) and key exercises

Got a trap bar recently. This thing is awesome. It’s weird that the handles are far apart. I’m still getting used to that—makes me put my feet closer. Really super-focused reps on that thing.

I stopped doing circuits. Now I do one exercise 2—4 sets and then the next and so on. Really enjoying this. Here’s a current one:

  1. Alternating swing – 3 sets of 5 l,r
  2. kb Military press – 3 sets of 5
  3. Tbar row – 3 sets of 5
  4. BB Squat 2 sets of 5
  5. Goblet squat 1 set of 5
  6. Windmill 2 set of five 5 l,r
  7. Ab roll 1 set of 5
  8. Floor press 1 set of 10-20

The next workout I’ll focus more on the squatting and abs. But it’ll be similar. I do pull ups on the weekend. I love being able to crank out a set of pull ups randomly throughout the day. Got a friend who recently did 1200 in 5 hours. WTF?