Sustainable Thinking

“You can jog five miles a day, eat only natural foods, take the limit of vitamins and minerals—and spend your days agitated, resentful, fearful and wondering why you are not enjoying good health.”

The Superbeings – John Randolph Price

I’m sure you’ve heard that to be healthy you need a proper diet and plenty of exercise. Yet as the quote above suggests, there is something more to health than mere diet and exercise.

It’s how you think.

Can thoughts really make us sick?

Undoubtedly. Yet, what care do we take to think good thoughts and prevent the acquisition of bad ones?

“Every day we perform a series of acts designed to care for the body properly. We bathe, brush the teeth, take exercise. In similar fashion, we should give time and planned effort to keeping the mind in a healthy state.”

Power of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale

Sure, thoughts can make us sick. We all know the worry-wort who is constantly falling ill. Or the hypochondriac who imagines their way into the ER. Or the person under hypnosis who is “burned” by a room temperature rod.

But let’s go one step further.

If thoughts can make us sick, what else can thoughts do?

Thoughts can remake the world.

This isn’t some esoteric, off-the-deep-end statement, this is a truth handed down throughout the ages by mystics, saints, amazing men and women who experienced this truth, and Jesus himself.

Maybe that’s why you’ll hear people say, “Think positive!” Intuitively they know there is merit to this teaching.

But thinking positive is a generic, bland, and dull assertion that is meaningless unless you know what thinking positive actually means.

And even if you’re thinking positive, are you aware of any bad-thinking habits? Are you able to identify the errors in your current method of thinking?

It wasn’t until Ben Franklin employed his 13 point method of self improvement that he said he found himself “fuller of faults” than he had imagined. You might want to try his method yourself.

Self-deception is easy. Try Ben Franklin’s 13 point method and you’ll be in for a surprise. That surprise will be beneficial. It’ll encourage you to follow along the path of correct thinking.

Correct Thinking: The Most Worthy, Beneficial Effort You’ll Ever Make

You want a better life? You want to be a more peaceful, loving person? You want to stop being besieged and buffeted by your wild emotions and mood swings? There is only one way—the application of correct thought.

Remaking your thought will change your entire world. You’ll still be here on Earth, but you’ll feel like you live on a completely different planet. Your life will completely change. People will treat you differently. Things will just be easier. Life will be joyous, rewarding, wonder-full, awesome. It will be like the affirmation—”Every day, in every way, better and better.”

That is the power of thought—the power of sustainable thinking—the type of thinking that will give you the faith to stride over what other people sink under.

The Promise, If You Keep Reading—and Apply

If you keep reading, and you definitely should, you’ll encounter uncommon wisdom (from a variety of sources) that can entirely remake your world.

It’s not something to read once. Twice. Or three times.

It’s something to read and explore everyday—and put into practice by changing your thought architecture.

Two wonderful people I know—Gene and Virginia—spend each morning with coffee—and with Christ. They call it Coffee with Christ. It’s what they do to fill their minds with correct thinking.

Gene and Virginia have lived a wonderful, blessed life. They’ve helped others in need. All their material needs are met—and exceeded. They experience abundance. They express joy and are always willing to give. They are calm and relaxed. Poised. Blessed with grace.

Ask yourself honestly, don’t you want that? What are you willing to do to get it? Are you in need of a thought makeover? Does spending each morning elevating your thought sound like a worthy endeavor?

“As you walk your path, or run along it, never let your precious joy slip away. If (shudder) you happen to check yourself for joy some morning and find it missing, spend each day realigning your life with your early joy. The exuberance of your beginning will prevail.”

Keys to Higher Consciousness – Graham V. Ledgerwood

Errors of Thought

Bad experiences in the outer world are due to bad thinking in the inner. Change the inner, and you change the outer. Here are a series of errant thoughts—the most common ones—that cause all sorts of grief in people’s lives. Correct these thoughts and your poor conditions will vanish.

Not Being Clear on What You Want

Catherine Ponder, in her book, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity writes “The amazing thing is that, of the millions of people who think they want to be successful, few of them have any really strong, impelling desires.”

Often, the people who can clearly articulate what they don’t like, are the ones who experience their dislikes in abundance. Not having an idea of what you want, what will make you joyous and happy, is a huge mental error.

“The formula is to know what you want, test it to see if it is a right thing, change yourself in such a manner that it will naturally come to you, and always have faith.” “Be on fire for something.”

Power of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale

Joseph H. Appel said it perfectly:

You want a better position than you now have in business, a better and fuller place in life. All right, think of that better place and you in it as already existing. Form the mental image. Keep on thinking of that higher position, keep the image constantly before you and—no, you will not suddenly be transported into the higher job, but you will find that you are preparing yourself to occupy the better position in life—your body, your energy, your energy, your understanding, your heart will all grow up to the job—and when you are ready, after perhaps years of preparation, you will get the job and the higher place in life.

The message is clear—know what you want. Once you know what you want, you need to determine what things are preventing you from getting it. There are likely two culprits—incorrect thinking and poor habits.

Fear and Catastrophic Thinking

Why think anything other than the best? Millions and millions of Americans say that they believe inJesus. But do they believe him? It shall be done according to your faith, he said.

Where is our faith? How many popular movies document humanity’s demise at the hands of machines, natural disasters, Alien invasions, and pestilence? Why do we saturate our minds with this garbage? Is it entertainment or thought sabotage?

Maybe you turn on the news because “It’s important to know what is going on.” Yet, you inundate your mind with fear and negativity in this quest to know what is going on (and for the most part be powerless to do anything about it).

Does that really make sense?

The individual who subsists on a diet of this kind of fear is just as bad off as the individual who subsists on a diet of processed foods and beer. It’s easy to address the things we see, but our thoughts—the things we don’t see, are more difficult.

Catastrophic Thinking

The phone rings, and it’s your boss. Immediately you think, “Oh god, what now! What did I do? Was it that last report? Oh no, I hope my job is OK…” That is catastrophic thinking. Expecting the worst. Why even go there?

Be vigilant! Eliminate fear and catastrophic thinking. Expect the best. Expect success!!

“Faith is the one power against which fear cannot stand. Day by day, as you fill your mind with faith, there will ultimately be no room left for fear. This is the one great fact that no one should forget. Master faith and you will automatically master fear.”

Power of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale

An exercise recommended in this book is to turn to the Bible and memorize every passage in the New Testament that talks about faith. Start with Mark chapter 11. Fill your mind with faith thoughts to eradicate fear thoughts.

That’s how you re-program thoughts, through constant repetition of the proper thought, and through awareness of any time you are thinking negative thoughts.

It’s like breaking any other habit. It takes constant vigilance.

Obstacle Building Thought

Instead of picturing all the ways that something could work out, some people’s minds are busy thinking of all the ways something could fail.

Sure, it’s important to analyze risks, but it’s also important to expect success in your endeavors. If you don’t expect success, what is the point of even trying? If you don’t expect success, you are working twice as hard because you’re fighting the momentum of your thoughts.

Imagine a baby at birth. “Well, I don’t know about this. This world seems pretty messed up. And my parents? Jeez. They seem to be fearful and harried all the time. And what’s that stuff on the TV they always watch? Killing? Violence? War? Man, why should I even try?”

It’s ludicrous for the baby, and it’s just as ludicrous for us. Yet this type of thinking is abundantly common—and easy to slip into.

“Avoid entertaining the concept of the worst, for whatever you take into your mind can grow there. Therefore take the best into your mind and only that. Nurture it, concentrate on it, emphasize it, visualize it, prayerize it, surround it with faith. Make it your obsession. Expect the best, and spiritually creative mind power aided by God power will produce the best.”

Power of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale

Negative Emotions Cloud Your Reality and Limit Your Power

Think of your mind as a computer.

Now imagine your computer—you’re streaming videos, surfing the web, have dozens of superfluous programs running. Worse, you have poor Internet browsing habits and have spyware and other performance-degrading applications surreptitiously sucking up power.

We all know this compromises the computer’s performance.

Yet, we do the same with our minds by trying to think using a mind clouded with negative emotions, grudges, and a collection of incorrect thoughts.

“Keep your thought positive, optimistic, and kindly while the outer picture is rocking. Keep it so in spite of any appearances, and a glorious victory is certain. Every side of your life will radically alter for the better.”

– Power Through Constructive Thinking – Emmet Fox

“Get rid of jealousy, resentment, condemnation, prejudice, selfishness, guile, futility, deceit, inadequacy, impatience, irritation, and rejection. — I call on the Law of the Spirit now to arrest these intruders and take them out of my consciousness, out of my life, permanently. I don’t need them. I don’t want them. I will not have them!”

-The Superbeings – John Randolph Price

The Best for Last: Forgiveness

“And usually the first step in the cleansing process is to get rid of all unforgiveness… The word ‘forgive’ means simply to ‘give up’—so you start cleaning up your mind by giving up all grudges and negative feelings toward others. All others. Everyone!”

-The Superbeings – John Randolph Price

“You must forgive forgive everyone who has ever hurt you if you want to be forgiven yourself; that is the long and the short of it. You have to get rid of all resentment and condemnation of others, and, not least, of self condemnation and remorse. You have to forgive others, and having discontinued your own mistakes, you have to accept the forgiveness of God for them, too, or you cannot make any progress. You have to forgive yourself, but you cannot forgive yourself sincerely until you have forgiven others first…There are few people in the world who have not at some time or other been hurt, really hurt, by someone else; or been disappointed, or injured, or deceived, or misled. Such things sink into the memory where they usually cause inflamed and festering wounds, and there is only one remedy—they have to be plucked out and thrown away. And the one and only way to do that is by forgiveness.”

– Power Through Constructive Thinking – Emmet Fox

“And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us.”

The Lord’s Prayer

“If one labors under a great burden of past mistakes, he devitalizes his body and if the condemnation is great enough—it might render the body incapable of moving.”

– Science of Mind – Ernest Holmes

We know we should forgive. It’s hard. But Emmet Fox clarifies forgiveness for us. This next passage helps:

“We are not obliged to like anyone; but we are under a binding obligation to love everyone, love, or charity as the Bible calls it, meaning a vivid sense of impersonal good will. This has nothing directly to do with the feelings, though it is always followed, sooner or later, by a wonderful feeling of peace and happiness.”

– Power Through Constructive Thinking – Emmet Fox

Stop Getting So Hung Up on Religion

People are so hung up on religion. Maybe that’s because of this whole my religion is right yours is wrong thing that gets thrown around. As though there is only one TRUE path.

Some people get all hot and bothered about religion. They lose control over their emotions because religion bothers them. Their inability to control themselves is the very thing that the thought discipline of religion could help them with. If they used correct thinking—derived from religion and other spiritual texts—these folks would exhibit better control over themselves.

Getting hung up on religion and discounting it is probably the biggest thought error of all! If you can look out at the night sky, and imagine yourself on a planet, floating around a star, in a huge solar system, in a galaxy, and then imagine all the other planets, stars, and galaxies out there, and not sense something Universal, a Presence, God—then you’re caught up in the material world.

You’ve been distracted and you’ve forgotten your true self.

In the material world, there is always lack and limitation, strife, poverty, war, hatred—all the things we’re currently experiencing in our world, thanks to a large collective mass of errant thinking and behavior.

The reality is that there are beautiful thoughts expressed in all of the world’s religions. And the purpose is for us to focus our minds on these beautiful thoughts so we avoid the ugly thoughts so common in our world today.

It takes constant vigilance to aspire higher than the common thought so prevalent today. Mistakes will be made. Errors will be committed. And we’ll keep on keeping on. Form your desires, focus on what you want, eliminate incorrect thinking, get rid of the habits that are holding you back. Remake yourself, and remake the world.