If you’re looking to make some self-improvement, start by asking yourself these two simple questions:

  1. What do I need to give up? / What’s holding me back? – note your first answer
  2. What is my emotional state as I’m doing this (driving to work, having breakfast with the family)

Watch your reaction to the first one. What immediately comes up? Chances are, you know what is holding you back.

Things to consider:

  • Give up something you really like and it’ll increase your self-discipline…
  • If you increase your self-discipline, you’ll increase your personal power…
  • If you increase your personal power, you’ll increase your confidence…
  • If you increase your confidence, you’ll increase your potential!

Now, #2. The emotional state. Emotions are something to be controlled. I’m with Jordan Peterson where he talks about protesters and tells them to clean their own room (i.e. get you $hit in order) before trying to tackle ‘the system’.

Your emotions are guides. Pay attention to what they tell you, but then realize you can override things.

For example, I’ve struggled in my corporate career with feeling negative emotions towards work, towards bosses, whatever. I’ve worked to overcome this by increasing my understanding of the function I perform for the company and the function my boss performs. Instead of emotionally reacting, I channel that into learning more.

One thing is that this type of exercise goes better when you have a clear reason why for doing. Why would you spend your time doing this? What do you want to achieve?

If you’re interested in that, check out The Home Gym Self-Improvement Plan.