Last night I was reading some Paramahansa Yogananda wisdom.

It came to a part about attachment. And it was something I had never considered before.

I was really attached to the way things were.

And the way things were wasn’t always all that great, funnily enough.

But, I knew those things. And now they are gone. At the very least, changed.

Paramahansa Yogananda was strong on his assessment of attachments. If you could only see the trouble they bring, he said.

What trouble?

They pull you back.

It’s like taking your powerful focus and turning it backwards.

Imagine your attention is like a pie chart. You only have so much of this attention thing.

So you focus a portion of it looking back, you lose attention for the present…for the future.

You’re with your kids, but thinking about work.

They know this.

You’re with your kids, but you’re worried about your mortgage.

Their little feelers are like WTF dad. Be Here Now (great book, btw).

So now is the time to consider what things are grabbing your attention and whether they are worthwhile.

For some men those things will be stuff like:

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Women and sex
  • Video games

These men will live limited lives. Their attachments will hold them back.

Now is a good time to ask yourself what you’re holding on to…and what you should let go of…and what you should grab instead.