Perhaps you’re familiar with this. You’re doing great. Conquering some demon.

Then all the sudden you experience a thought train that takes you right back into the land of your addiction. Next thing you know you’re drunk, or high, stuffing your face with food, or you have your nose in the Facebook newsfeed.

It happens. Darren Hardy talks about an ADD system. Active Distraction Defense system. The same can work for your addictions. Basically, you modify your behavior to avoid situations that will enable whatever addiction you’re trying to avoid.

Another way is one I’ve had a lot of success with. I call it the Attraction/Repulsion exercise. It’s from a book called Red Gold and I’ve modified it slightly in ways that it suits me better.

By the way, for business and performance-related things, Darren Hardy’s stuff is great. He’s a big proponent of focus. Something we all could benefit from.