Last night I was checking out Bill O’Reilly on YouTube. What I really appreciate about him is that there is no speculation. If he doesn’t know, he says so.

Does he have a political bent, sure. He’s definitely more conservative than liberal, and I disagree with him in some areas.

In our culture nowadays though, it seems people want to exist in an echo chamber that only confirms what they think.

This isn’t healthy–and it does relate to fitness. You cannot be closed-minded, for instance, and have a supple body. You will have some knots of tightness somewhere.

I do.

You do.

We’re here and we’re growing. Haven’t met anyone who is perfect yet.

And what is perfect anyway? Probably it’s getting as close as you can to your mission–whatever you were sent here to accomplish.

One of the things I’m getting more clarity on is what I want to do with this site. See, fitness has always bothered me.

  • The fancy clothes.
  • The sweaty and polished male models.
  • Make up used in fitness shoots to hide blemishes.
  • Unnecessarily complex exercise that puts up a barrier to entry.
  • Too expensive gyms or fitness equipments that puts up a barrier to entry.

A big portion of gains can be made by acquiring ‘fitness consciousness.’ Yesterday I recorded a short video about some stuff you can do before the shower.

This is just to gain awareness of your muscles and also to inject the idea of doing something for your muscles. I’ll share the video in a bit.

But I also want to put that idea in your mind. It’s not all basics either.

It’s small, medium, large. You can do some small stuff to get in awesome shape:

  • Reduce caffeine, alcohol, sugar
  • Go for long (4K+ steps) walks each day
  • Get a standing a workstation
  • Drink water
  • Take Cod Liver Oil
  • Eat a Tilden salad each day and increase vegetable intake generally

But then you can add some exercise on top of that to tone and build your muscle. And from there you can tone and build into an athletic machine. Not professional athlete level, but certainly much more coordinated and capable than you might have thought.

Self-discipline and self-control are some tough things. But it’s a real shame when they are presented in ways that make a “fit” lifestyle seem unattainable.

Here’s the simple video for stuff to do before the shower:

And here’s a video about some AWESOME leg exercises. You don’t need squats, weights, or complicated exercises or tools to bring awareness and strength to your legs:

If you’ve come across this site or this post and you’re looking at getting started…or even deepening your practice, both of these videos can be helpful.

And if you like these videos, I encourage you to check out Lean, Healthy, Strong, which puts this stuff into more of a package format.