“$hit I don’t even know what I had for breakfast!”

You ever say that?

The day goes fast, blurs, a lot of information and activity,

Then you put your head down at night and it’s over.

If there’s ever been a rat race (a phrase I haven’t heard in a while) it’s now.

Even in quarantine, our monkey minds are assuredly active.

And the smart phones are out in full force.

I still hear it from people…

And I talk to a lot of people.

So I recommend something.

A journal. Sometime to write in.

You might choose to do it in the morning as part of your 20/20/20 routine

Which for me ends up being like 10 minutes of activity, 33 minutes of writing, and then hygiene stuff.

Nonetheless, there it is. That time in the morning to slow down and write and capture some thoughts about the day.

You capture it and it can slow it down.

Make you more aware.

And that’s the whole part of it.


It’s only then you have any chance to change.