Chris Caracci’s the Mind in Battle

I used to do Chris Caracci's exercise tapes. Caracci, a former Navy Seal, would frequently pepper his workouts with tips about how

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Ditching Stuff That’s Not Working

It’s not about daily increase, but decrease—hack away the inessential! – Bruce Lee Here is a list of stuff that pisses me

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Dig Into It Deeper

David Schwartz’s great book The Magic of Thinking Big says that to set off enthusiasm, you must dig into it deeper.

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Bandwidth and Excellence

You know that your Internet pipe can only allow so much traffic through. A similar thing can be said for your mind.

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Self-Imposed Handicaps

Things we do to ourselves that lower our capability. As opposed to being born with a handicap, these are things we do

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Are you taking care of yourself?

“We know pretty well what we ought to do, we just don’t do it.” said William Muldoon who insisted that he didn’t

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