The week – training, stress, busyness

Over last weekend the servers on which the application that our team has spent the last 2 years developing crashed. Major IT

The week – training, stress, busyness2019-08-06T15:14:22+00:00

The iPosture

Saw this article in the New York Times the other day about posture and self esteem. You know how so many people

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Are you strong?

Dude how much can you bench? A popular refrain I recall hearing…in high school, and maybe a few years beyond. Then the

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Kids getting sick and then you getting sick

This year we all stayed healthier. Perhaps it was the combination of the warmer winter and healthier immune systems (that is, being

Kids getting sick and then you getting sick2019-08-06T15:14:23+00:00

Sunday training

A sunny cold day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Just finished a workout consisting of swings, kettlebell military presses, pull ups, and goblet squats.

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Strengthening the furnace

Lately I’ve had this idea in my head that I need to work my furnace. By furnace I mean I need to

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Focus and 5×5

When I was a kid visiting my grandma and grandpa's house, the silence was palpable. It was an old farmhouse with not

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Feeling vital, a story about PVCs

As soon as the walk light flashed orange and told me I had 16 seconds to cross, I sprinted. Well, sprint is

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Focus (again)

I've written about this topic several other times, even using the title "focus". Hence, Focus (again). It's an important topic and I

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