Baby Don’t Need No Kettlebell

One of my favorite Steve Maxwell stories is from a Ryan Lee Boot Camp. Steve Cotter and some other guy were on

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Review: Fit Bit Zip

Think you're walking enough? Are you sure? I've written before about the importance of tracking and measuring things to make progress. Knowing

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Iron Mind Dip and Chin Belt

So, you can do your pull ups, chins, and dips almost effortlessly. You're wondering: what's next? Well, you could do more reps.

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Review: Lifeline Weighted Speed Rope

Jumping rope is a great exercise, jump ropes travel well (as shown above), and jump ropes help you develop your feet, ankles,

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Review: Dandy Blend as Coffee Substitute

A college friend once said, once you get addicted to coffee, you'll never stop drinking it. I have to say that I've

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Review: Lifeline Jungle Gym

The Jungle Gym isn't what you think at first. It's not that thing you used to play on when you were a

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Trapeze Rigging Pull Up Bar Review

When buying things online, particularly things that cost in the hundreds of dollars, you want to be careful. I was skeptical about

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The Way to Live

The Way to Live—it’s a book. I’m not becoming a guru and preaching from on high. The guy who wrote the book,

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Captains of Crush Grippers by Iron Mind

I'll never forget the day my first Captains of Crush grippers arrived. Office mates crowded around my desk trying to give them

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