Spring time training changes

When the warmer weather comes in, things change. It’s lighter longer. It’s warmer. You can go outside without freezing your you know

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The Benefits of Dynamic stretching

There is really no good way to write about this topic—you just need a video. But one thing that should be in

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Gains with twice per week weightlifting

I have two simple programs right now. One: Front squat Military press Reverse curl T-bar row Double clean Two: Pistol Floor press

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Progressing with 5×5

The clearest exercise instruction I've ever gotten is from Pavel Tsatsouline. 3-5 exercises for the whole body, 3-5 days between exercise sessions,

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5×5 ish training notes and video

I’ve been keeping it simple: 3-5 sets, 3-5 reps, 3-5 exercises. The main exercises are deadlifts, dips, squats, and chin ups. In

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Morning deadlifts

Every now and then I get on a deadlift kick. Five days per week, as specified in power to the people by

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