I used to do Chris Caracci’s exercise tapes. Caracci, a former Navy Seal, would frequently pepper his workouts with tips about how the mind controls the body. He’d have you doing pretty intense calisthenics and at some point you had to decide whether to let your body tell your mind to quit or your mind to compel your body to continue. I’ve always loved this stuff so I was pretty thrilled when I came across this YouTube video.

While I watched it, I took some notes. The notes are terse, but I think they give you an idea of what is covered and you can decide for yourself how much of the YouTube you want to watch. I will say that within the first five minutes or so, Caracci gets tasered and it is pretty impressive how he reacts!

You have to control the mind. What are the limitations of the mind? There are none. The mind controls the body. The better shape your body is in, the less tasked your body will be. Conditioning of your body is so you can transport your mind.

Emotions – anger and fear – watch for these. Confidence. Confidence is gained through training and experience. If you have no experience, you better have good training.

How can the body influence the mind? Pain. Injury. Fatigue. Drive body into the ground, when you are at your worst you still have plenty left. Here, you learn that your mind controls your body.

Oxygen deprivation. Working at the limits of breath. Drowning stories. Again, this is all about controlling your mind.

Tells this story about this Navy Seal, Mike, shot 27 times. Crawls off and goes to a medivac. “I’m pretty sure this guy’s mind said, ‘Hey, Mike, what the fuck? Let’s just stay here and die.’” The mind. He killed four guys, despite his injuries—he accomplished his mission. This one is deep, “God, get me home to my girls,” Mike prayed.

You have to crush the mind of the enemy. Fucking with someone’s mind—you can do it all the time.

Mental awareness must start with you—not your environment. Become aware of yourself within the environment. The environment becomes color. Otherwise, it’s black and white. Don’t think, feel. A finger pointing to the moon. Be aware of all of it, all the time.

You have to know if your tactic is right, you have to believe in it, but it must make sense.