Not many men around these days have the gumption of someone like Christopher Columbus. Or any other explorer for that matter.

But let’s be honest, Christopher Columbus had a vision. Without a vision, the people perish. But with a vision, the efforts are directed and you can endure the pain and take your lumps more easily. Goals and visions pull you through.

Life was harder then. We have it easy now. These days, we’re not challenged on the physical realm like we were in times past. Perhaps Tyler Durden said it best in Fight Club, our battle is the spiritual one.

Many are losing this battle.

I was listening to Billy Joel the other day. “Living here in Allentown where they’re closing all the factories down” That was when jobs were being shipped overseas and profit margins increased but oh what consequences.

Automation and AI could be another one that decimates the workforce. I sure as hell don’t have any answers to these problems except one: personal development. Become a better person.

This is where training comes in. You have to keep some sort of edge. You can’t keep your edge when you get complacent. Routine disciplines help.

Here are some examples:

  • You have to fix your posture when you get slumped over.
  • You have to fix your attitude when it gets poor.
  • You have to spend some time by yourself and figure out where you’re headed and what you want.
  • You have to analyze your emotional state to see what your body’s deep systems are telling you about what you’re currently doing.
  • And you have to be able to act even when you don’t feel like it, doing the needful things and listening to that still small voice within.

Training is self-awareness. When you start, you become aware of your mind and body. You say to yourself I’m not going to think about work, that argument with my wife, my kid’s snotty attitude, and my jerk of a boss! That stuff goes aside and now I’m building my body and training my mind.

Your current behavior might be to drink, smoke, or cell phone these thoughts and feelings into oblivion—but that is the weak man’s way. That’s the abuse of stimulation to drown out your power of consciousness and cast aside the pain to deal with it some other time.

We can’t live mechanically anymore. Mechanical living is doing the same things over and over like a monkey. We’re not monkeys. But most of us live like animals, without using our supreme power of consciousness, merely becoming copies of our environment and our parental imprinting.

So train. Meditate. Slow down. Study yourself. Go for a long walk instead of reading the news. Forget the news. It’s fake anyway. It’s all a struggle for power and influence and you can’t do anything about it…other than develop your Personal Power.

Develop what is in your control. What you eat, what you think, who you spend time with, and what you consume in your Information Diet (books you read, stuff you watch and listen to).

And speaking of information, there’s some great info in this Jowett Course.

My vision isn’t just melting flab off of people’s bodies and revealing shredded muscle beneath, but also doing the same with your minds. Jowett’s got that skill, and he’ll take you by the hand (if you’re willing) or he’ll pull you along kicking and screaming…but once you’re sucked in, you’re forever changed.