If you’re on my newsletter, you know I’ve made no secret I’m concerned over the health of our world.

We’re fearful of an invisible threat and we’ve contracted…we’ve recoiled into a government coerced quarantine with an indefinite end.

Maybe in 30 days here. We’ll see.

And families must grow stronger together…in some sense like pioneer days in the western United States. And friends are separated…only to be seen as thumbnails on screens, or perhaps a socially-distanced walk.

But even that seems to be frowned upon.

The population is weak. In America, I heard a stat that said 70% of the population is on prescription meds.

What are we doing here?

I’m not sure, but I’m not convinced that 30 days of “safer at home” is going to make us “Stronger in the End”

So I put together this 2 page newsletter.

Take a look at it, if you like it, print it out and give it to people or leave at a grocery store.

We need to grow stronger…not more fearful. Fearful people are ones who know they are making wrong decisions and not living the way they should.

Strong people are self-willed and do the things they know they ought. Which are you?

First issue of the Citizen Health Club Newsletter.