I’ve adopted a new habit. The alarm goes off and while the coffee is brewing, I go outside on the deck and absorb and inhale fresh air.

The sleeping chamber should ideally have an open window, but you know how it is with trust. Who knows what might come through that window.

Probably nothing, ever. But who knows. But, it’s good to get those gulps of fresh air in the morning.

Recently the words “You must be a master of yourself” are echoing through my head.

This applies in so many ways.

A big way is intake. Eating and drinking. Yet, still – I subscribe to moderation in all things, but like the Billy Joel song, I can go to extremes…

Brooks’ book gives a lot of great workouts to follow, and I think I’ll focus on one of the barbell ones. An old school barbell program sounds good right about now.

One thing I wanted to pass along was a new YouTube video I did on focus. Here it is: