Continually Fit eBook

Home gym trainer says he can teach you how to get a ripped body that’s super-strong and flexible—without fancy equipment or gym fees—in 1.5 dedicated hours per week no matter how old you are or how badly you’ve abused your body

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ready to look, move, and feel great—and be strong and flexible, here is some good news.

You can. And it doesn’t require huge time commitments or fancy equipment or any other nonsense that you might think.

low body fat 153x300 - Continually Fit eBookMy name is Justin Qualler and I want to tell you about this fantastic do-it-yourself home gym program that’ll transform your body—fit, strong, flexible, six pack abs, all of it…in just 90 minutes per week.

How can this be?

First of all, when you focus on big key movements like deadlifts, presses, squats, pull ups, and so on, you develop all the muscles accordingly. No need to think about which muscle you’re developing—you’re developing them all, which saves a ton of time and hassle.

Plus, you’re developing them in an integrated fashion so when you call on them in your daily life, they are there. Ready, willing, able.

But there’s another key: the nervous system. Your body won’t build you up unless your nervous system is strong and capable, too. There is no quicker way to feel run down than draining and enervating your nervous system and your organs.

There are several ways you can drain your nervous system and the book gives details but a big one is actually doing too much training and a lot of people fall into this trap. Eating poorly, stress, and not sleeping enough are other fast tracks to weak nerves.

This book is a down in the trenches look at what it takes to train yourself strong and healthy, from someone like you who is down in the trenches. I’ve been a trainer, but now I’m a desk jockey with a wife, kids, and a mortgage. I have the same time pressures as you—but I have better information.

From taking training from Steve Maxwell and Steve Cotter to attending workshops, going to RKC kettlebell training, becoming ACE certified, researching strength and health legends in my own private library, to living the life in my own Home Gym laboratory where I practice new techniques and deepen my craft…this is not your mainstream fitness info.

You might be skeptical.

Why am I putting this much information out there? I’ve paid thousands in books, seminars, and personal instruction to capture this information. And here I’m practically giving it away in an easy download.

Here is why: The fitness industry is full of lies and over-complication and expensive supplements and clothing. It’s ridiculous. Shameful even. And worse are the soft-bellied people who keep putting out information about how it’s not your fault, it’s the genes and whatnot. Look, this type of blame-thinking gets you no where. And creates a powerless victim mentality.

If you want to make real progress, you need none of that. My vision is for you to emerge from your home gym a brand new man, ripped and feeling great, having gotten a workout that bordered on a spiritual experience of focus and concentration. A man successful in all areas of life moving confidently in the direction of his dreams.

And for this world we’re entering, we need this type of man. Grounded, rooted. Healthy. Strong. Focused on a purpose.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn that will help you on your journey:

  • Key exercises you can do to go from slumped over to standing straight and lookin’ good
  • Underground eating advice that eliminates all confusion and lets you throw away all the diet books (it’s amazing how this industry has complicated the simple)
  • A movement-based exercise system that eliminates all guess work and develops super-strength
  • Detailed information on the best stretches to do to feel supple like a wild animal
  • In depth descriptions for all key exercises helping you with performance and motivation
  • Insight into what the most successful agers do when confronted with bad news
  • Instruction on discovering desires that will help guide your actions and avoid pitiful mistakes on the path
  • Not just what to eat, but how to eat—a key difference that eliminates failure
  • Habit change methods from the ancient science of Raja Yoga
  • Why a doctor in North Carolina denigrates exercise, but still recommends it anyway
  • How to win the battle in your mind that causes you to make bad, sub-optimal decisions
  • Too much info on recovery, but knowing this gives you an edge in many situations
  • Ancient “how to think” methods that can help you transform via the renewing of your mind

Not a muscle is missed, nor is your mind—it’s all here, ready for you to implement.

You can restore yourself even after failures—it’s not too late

You might think no way. I can’t do it.

So, let me tell you a story about one of my mistakes.

Not too long ago I was in grad school, just had a kid born and another was on the way. I was working two jobs and sometimes running to my car to be somewhere on time. Then, I started getting heart palpitations. They got really bad. Just imagine trying to go to sleep and feeling these weird missed beats in your heart. It’s like, what is happening here?

I saw a cardiologist, wore a holter, and found out 17% of my beats were premature ventricular contractions.

The doctor came into the room all serious-looking. Says I should get beta blockers.

This is how the medical world works. Treating symptoms. But we want to go deeper. We want root cause.

So let’s try simplifying life first. Let’s try the obvious things. Meditation, better focus, using a better planning system, letting rubber balls drop…so many ways. These are the types of things you can figure out for yourself when you take responsibility instead of letting circumstances control you.

I believe that in most cases, man is not so far fallen that he can save himself and elevate himself through clear-cut personal instruction, learning, and a willingness to change.

By the way, the last holder test I had to take was fewer than 1% PVCs. The problem is resolved through fundamental changes.

How to get Bruce Lee strong

Who doesn’t enjoy a good Bruce Lee fight scene. That man was so fast and powerful. How?

Here’s a big reason:
You need to learn how to use your nervous system and train your posterior chain. This simple instruction leads to huge improvements in strength. And, in fact, just doing the kettlebell swing will take you to strength levels you didn’t know existed.

I’m not talking about moving huge weights—I’m talking about the capacity to handle any physical task with ease. The fact of the matter is that for most of us, relative strength is the most important. Most things we do in life don’t involve super-heavy weights.

This is where hitting key exercises that target specific movements makes all the difference. You can even think of it this way: Train just your grip and abs. Those two movements alone will give you killer strength in most day-to-day activities. Due to the way the nervous system works, strength in the grip and abs makes you stronger all over.

Assuming you do it right with focus and intent.

Let the smug folks with science degrees super-optimize and super-complicate. Rest assured, you can super concentrate and super focus and attain better results when you attain excellence in a few basic movements.

Look, I’m assuming you’re not a professional athlete here. You just want to be strong and vital and that’s where this program excels. You want to learn fundamentals and keep it simple and live life outside of the gym.

Prevent yourself from making mistakes that slow your progress and keep you stuck

The first mistake is the purchase of specialized clothing. It represents an attitude that something else is needed other than what you already have. Begin training consistently, establish a habit, then get specialized clothing, if you still feel you need it.

If you don’t remember Korey Stringer, he was an NFL football player who died from using ephedrine (ma huang extract). At that time I recall a quote, “The Chinese have had it for thousands of years and the Americans a few decades and they already screwed it up.”

This is the second mistake. If some is good, more must be better. So, someone starting out might denigrate their walking habit but they are on the right path and should be feeling good. It doesn’t take much to turn yourself around…and too much can be just as bad as not enough.

Many people start adding weights too quickly. The nervous system will quickly become more efficient, but the muscles, tendons, and ligaments still need time to build up. This is especially true if you’ve been strong before and are coming back at it. So you progress too fast and get injured.

There is an opposite mistake to this. It’s the, I won’t be able to do enough so I won’t try mistake. To which I always say, “Something is better than nothing.” Even if it’s just walking.

Some people like to blame time, as if they’ve been handed less of it than others. Victim-hood is a huge turn off and instant “get stuck here in life” emotion.

Here’s a sad tale: The guy (or gal, frankly) who overdoes it completely. You know the person. They get so wrapped up in it they neglect their family. They obsess over it. They get addicted to stimulation. I’ve seen this happen up close and personal. It’s selfish.

You watch for these mistakes by living consciously, and a big part of living consciously is knowing what you want.

The successful ager keys to a life well-lived

The key to success is to live for something definite, says Dostoevsky. And a big part of that is getting clear on what you want. In fact, getting clear on what you want can help you to overcome addictions. It weakens their pull because you got somewhere else to go.

Successful agers have a lot of wisdom to bestow. Moderation and maintaining an active life are two of them. Throw the entire book away and just do those two things. You’ll be OK.

I mean, obviously, you want more. You want to walk purposefully and powerfully and be ready for anything. Focused. Yet calm. Aware. The kind of person the room takes note of when you walk in. So keep up with the weights and be focused, but keep this bare minimum in the back of your mind.

The bare minimum is good for those times in life where you’re getting slammed. Like when you have a kid and it’s your first one and you’re like WTF?

One successful ager I interviewed for this book was in his 80s and still volunteering almost 40 hours per week. He was happy, healthy, and respected. That’s a good visual to have in mind for the late years of life. Better than the fake image of being on a beach doing nothing that our culture promotes. Not adding value can never make you happy—beware the selfish examples the media foists upon us!

Making the complex simple through straightforward training methods

I owe a lot to John Tilden, Steve Maxwell, and Pavel Tsatsouline. They each in different ways taught me how the nervous system is the energy supply of the body. Like a battery. And you can recharge it and you can draw on it, but if you continually draw on it without recharging, you’ll get sick.

If you understand this plain Jane truth, you’ll just keep going with a great program getting and staying strong, full of energy and vitality.

Once you figure out how to dial into your nervous system you can:

  • Determine how and why you’re getting colds—and learn to avoid them
  • Cook and enjoy simple meals that build you up, not tear you down
  • Perform workouts with the appropriate amount of strain that you can bounce back from more strongly than before
  • Know when you should rest, and learn to read your body’s now-hidden but soon-to-be-revealed signals
  • Learn which things are draining your energy—become almost spiritually aware of your energy supply and learn to increase or decrease it at will—via your ever-developing willpower
  • Learn which exercises drain you more than others and require more rest
  • Discover which foods are aggravating you so you can avoid them

How not to pay the price

It goes like this. You go through life and you go through certain crises. Let’s take a health crisis as an example. Some people will go through this crisis, give up, and do everything the well-intentioned but paid-for-by-the-pharmaceutical-industry doctor suggests. Generally this means relying on medication which is destined to be a lifelong sentence.

Instead, the smart man says, yes, I’ve made errors in judgement. I know I’ve been getting too angry, too stressed, and have not been living a balanced life—and this has impacted my body chemistry. I’ll take a rest and reevaluate.

Of course, there are big health sentences which demand much more medical help. I’m not saying avoid your doctor. I am saying pay attention so you catch the little signs before they become big problems. It’s always better to establish the habit of reformation early in the game.

Getting sick too often? Maybe you should try a weekly fast and look into your diet and exercise. Find the holes in your health as one of my coaches said.

Run down? Maybe you should get more sleep. Dial it up to 8 hours. Possibly 9 on occasion, if you need to catch up.

Waking up on Monday’s depressed and demotivated? Check out Earl Nightengale’s Acre’s of Diamonds and start preparing your resume. Do a two-pronged approach. Be taking positive action both at your work and to attract new work.

Often we look for complicated and complex answers to problems which can be traced to violation of simple fundamentals. Get fresh air, sunshine, and start walking.

Straightforward—Not Easy…Big promises but you must work for it

I’m not implying it’s easy, but it is straightforward. You follow the framework of movement-based exercise and follow subjective scales that make sure you are monitoring your intensity, form, and pain. You walk more and develop active hobbies. You learn mouth responsibility and take ownership of what you put into your body to feed it. And you learn how to change your habits.

Justin Qualler has been a valuable resource for fitness and kettlebell training ever since we first met, while on a work assignment in Milwaukee WI. He has a gift for presenting complex fitness theory in a language understandable for the layman, and offering practical training tips for the average working person. “Continually Fit”, is useful not only as a resource for customizing a fitness program, but also for offering tips for overcoming the motivational barriers to a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend this text to anyone interesting in starting or improving their fitness program.
– Jay W.

Use your home gym time efficiently and enjoy the fruits of your labors with an active, fun-filled life

I advocate exercises which target a lot of muscle and I advocate the opposite of isolate—I advocate integration. This approach makes exercise more effective so you get more done in less time.

You can literally take control of your health and wellness and develop a body that you’re proud of—and most importantly—a body that functions well…in less than 1% of your week.

If anyone needs to jump start a health and fitness program, Continually Fit is a great place to start.
The book has many ideas for aerobic exercise, strength training, and nutrition. Most importantly, it helps us understand our habits and how to change them into a healthier lifestyle. Many people have motivational deficiency. Continually Fit gets us over that hurdle. This book is the real deal.
– Eddie W.

Continually Fit is written in such a way that you can start wherever you are and progress. I recommend reading the book in its entirety and then focusing on what you want to get out of it. Then make a plan using the information about creating your own workouts and using three subjective scales mentioned in the book.

Book Details

Here are some more details on what you’ll learn in the 128 pages of Continually Fit:

  • Over 30 exercises categorized by movement patterns
  • Pictures of the exercises and stretches
  • Basic kettlebell safety information
  • Sample workouts that get progressively harder
  • Examples of what successful agers do really well
  • Warm up instructions
  • A tried and true framework for resistance exercise that ensures you develop a well-balanced body
  • Little-known tips that help you avoid overtraining
  • A technique that lets you know when you should push your training or skip it
  • A secret Raja Yoga exercise that helps you eliminate any habit—no matter how stubborn
  • A quick routine that will help your joints feel better
  • How to monitor your breathing to determine whether you’re pushing too hard
  • How to prevent and fix posture problems from sitting too much
  • How to keep track of your workouts and construct your workouts to learn more about your body and how you recover
  • How to increase your lung power through a simple breathing exercise you can do while you walk
  • A host of simple and actionable fitness and health tips that work fast

Continually Fit Table of Contents

  • Introduction pg. 8
  • Choosing Your Own Adventure pg. 9
  • The Successful Ager Strategy pg. 10
  • Office Life Survival Advice pg.20
  • Posture Exercises for People Who Sit A Lot pg. 23
  • Bruce Lee’s Bare Bones Fitness Advice pg. 28
  • Eating and Food Avoidance Strategies pg. 29
  • The Continually Fit Exercise Program pg. 30
  • How to Exercise pg. 31
  • Make Sure to Do These Five Movement Patterns pg. 31
  • Make Sure You Incorporate Endurance Exercise pg. 33
  • Use the Following 10-Point Scales pg. 34
  • Learn How to Control Your Breathing pg. 34
  • Take Recovery Seriously, Very Seriously pg. 35
  • Exercises and Warm Up pg. 38
  • Warming Up pg. 39
  • Resistance Exercises pg. 42
  • Flexibility and Posture Exercises pg. 78
  • Your Exercise Program – Putting It All Together pg. 90
  • Diet Philosophy pg. 101
  • Joyfully Changing Habits pg. 104
  • Sample Workouts pg. 118
  • Appendix pg. 130
  • The Kettlebell and Kettlebell Exercise Performance pg. 131

Ready to make a change?

This book gives you a ton of useful, intelligent, and rational exercise advice learned over many years and trial and error and exposure to some of the great minds of fitness. I know if you read it and follow the exercises it’ll help you get in great shape.

Most people want pills and other quick-fix solutions. That kind of stuff gets you nowhere and you know it.

You’re ready to make a change and pay attention to how you exercise and what you put into your mouth. And you’re smart enough to know it’s going to take some effort.

But you also don’t want to waste your time. You want the greatest return on investment for your money. I offer the gift of time-savings. For 1% of your time per week, Continually Fit shows you how to be lean, strong, healthy and flexible. And to get it done by changing your thoughts and making fitness and health a default setting.

A default setting—like brushing your teeth. Always in shape. Continually Fit.

How to Effectively Change Habits, a separate publication dedicated exclusively to changing habits is included. This is stuff from sports psychology, Raja Yoga, Napoleon Hill, and more. I condensed this stuff down into small chunks that you can immediately use and quickly begin benefitting from.

100% Money Back Guarantee

money back guarantee e1393284698996 150x126 - Continually Fit eBookI believe the Continually Fit eBook will help you get into great shape and stay in great shape. But it might not be your style. Who knows. Either way, I don’t want your money if you’re not satisfied. If you’re not, let me know within 30 days and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.