My favorite time to train right now is between 8 or 10 in the morning. A lot of times I have conference calls in the morning. I’ll take these calls from home and then when they’re finished, exercise. Or, I’ll do stretches while I’m on the call.

Two days per week I do weights in my home gym. For one day, I do a circuit of:

  1. Behind the Neck Press – 10 reps
  2. Jungle Gym Bodyweight Rows – 10 reps
  3. Ab roll outs – 6-8 reps
  4. Kettlebell Swings

About 3-5 times through. The 3rd exercise I change. Sometimes I shrugs, or curls, or farmer’s walks. I was doing pull ups for the 2nd exercise, but I like doing the rows to pull my shoulders back for the behind the neck press.

  1. The other day I do a circuit of:
  2. Pistols – 5 reps
  3. Pull ups – 5-8 reps
  4. Deadlift holds with thick bar – 1 rep hold to 80% effort

Saturday is typically more of an endurance and movement day. I play with Nora. If we’re outside, I do pull ups on the tree, throw a tennis ball in the air as high as I can, and chase after her (which sometimes includes rolling down the hill in our backyard). Sometimes on Saturdays I just do pull ups all day, whenever I go down into the basement.

My diet has too much sugar right now. I work at a place which is run as a training center by Marriott. They have a really good cafeteria. And nearly every day there is bakery laid out, free coffee and espresso machines, and sometimes there are even cookies. You know how tempting a cookie can be.

I’ve done pretty well, but meal planning has been poor of late and I’ve been abusing the cafeteria.

The main factor now is the fact that kids are inconsistent. You know, they just aren’t all that reliable and two and a half and seven months. And they certainly have a lot of energy. In any case, once the kids consistently sleep through the night, every night, a major milestone will be met.

But this strategy works well. I maintain a base level of fitness and always retain certain capabilities. It takes very little time. At a basic level no more than 60 minutes per week. I am missing a pushing movement with this right now, although sometimes I do static holds, pressing into my desk.

I do have a fairly consistent meditation routine which takes between 12 and 15 minutes. There is a strong breathing component to the routine and the breath awareness experienced is pretty incredible. I stopped meditating during school, and my thought patterns became much more ‘frantic.’ Meditation brings a certain peacefulness.

But anyway, that’s my current plan of attack and it works with my schedule. But my plan relies on a well-stocked, highly available gym. In my case, it’s in the basement, and that makes it real easy.