A couple weeks ago I wrote about four key exercises and then explained how to do two of them. This is the follow up post where I explain how to do the other two: the squat and the deadlift.

The squat

Your legs are pistons. Descend in controlled manner to the full squat position, keep your weight about 60/40—60% on heels 40% on toes. The shins stay in line with the spine as you descend—as you pull yourself down into the position.

At the bottom, your butt nearly touching the ground, pause. Tighten your stomach and reverse the motion. Push yourself up, making sure you are putting an equal force into each leg and not favoring one side.

The deadlift

Stand in front of the bar. Push your hips rearward and reach backward as though reaching for a chair. With straight arms, reach towards the bar as you descend. Flex your triceps to keep your arms straight. Grab the bar, making sure the weight is evenly distributed in your hands.

Pull the bar up, passing closely to your shins and keeping your neck in neutral alignment or slightly looking up. Focus your eyes straight ahead or slightly upwards. Push your hips forward, feeling a tug in your hamstrings and your butt, reaching all the way up to your neck and down to your heels. Extend your hips and finish the motion.

Then lower the weight much the way your raised it, except for starting the motion downwards with your legs more straight. Start bending your knees when your hips are nearly all the back, then fully lower the bar. I prefer a lighter weight and a touch and go. If I do a heavier weight, I pause, stand up, and reset.

Four great exercises. Chins, dips, squats, deadlifts. Focus on these for 3 months and you’ll feel strong all over.