It was late July when I decided to shitcan coffee. Here’s what happened. One, I overdosed. One fine day with the kids and some new dark chocolate coffee…it was hot…I was drinking iced coffee and it was going down good. Later, I realized I felt like vomiting and was shaky.

That overdose was coupled with a severe demineralization I experienced while working on the deck for several days straight, out in really hot weather.

Then, one long hot day of doing various stuff in the heat, I was mowing the lawn and experienced the mother of all heart palpitations. I really ran myself ragged.

Now before this, I was feeling like superman, so much energy and vitality and then I just came crashing down. Heat exhaustion is no joke and it messed me up good.

That day was a catalyst to change nearly everything. A daily salad (and I’ve become and expert at this). A weekly Monday 24 hour fast. Improved diet overall.

  • Monday – fast
  • Tuesday – black tea, weights
  • Wednesday – jump rope
  • Thursday – weights
  • Friday – coffee
  • Saturday – dessert, weights
  • Sunday – prep for fast, long walk

I like the idea of something hard during the day and something to look forward to. I’ll modify this more and there are routines within each of these days but this is the gist.