’re an ectomorph, eh? Skinny? Too skinny maybe. Hey, I’ve been there.

But I got some good news for you. I’m about to give you a few paragraphs of key insights that will rock your world.

Are you ready?


Here we go.

This comes from Vince Gironda’s The Wild Physique, page 69 (insert immature laughing here):

A superfast metabolism is the bane of the skinny bodybuilder. I have seen thousands of them at my gym. Most are in total despair. Some eat huge meals, drink gallons of milk, and train regularly, yet they fail to gain more than a pound or two of weight in a year. These people, known as ectomorphs, are easy to recognize. (JQ: listen up here, he gets specific) They have no fat on their bodies. They are often tall, always gangly, and invariably tense, with an egg-shaped head, angular features, and a small abdomen. The man or woman with a fast metabolic rate is always worrying about something and usually cannot relax either physically or mentally.

How can a fast metabolism be corrected? The answer, of course, is immobilization. You should be as lazy as your lifestyle will permit. It’s far better to take a desk job than do manual labor, and more advantageous to keep to brief, high-intensity routines (30-40 minutes) than to train for hours on end. It’s certainly a step in the right direction to temporarily limit other physical sports and past times.

In order to slow down your metabolism (JQ: this is important), you must purposely practice relaxation. Put your feet up during the day, particularly after meals. Relax after eating small, regular meals, watching television, or working at school or the office. Never do anything physical immediately after eating.

(JQ: it gets even better here) Stop and look at yourself during the day. How do you walk down the street? Do you have good posture, and an easy, relaxed walking style or are you bent forward, energetically fighting the traffic and crowds with every step? Get the idea? Now relax! Rid yourself of unwanted mental and physical stress.

Well, there you have it. Does that ring some bells? Does it slap you on the face a bit? If you’re an ectomorph, I bet it does. He doesn’t get super detailed in other training specifics but basic training programs like the following are super-effective

  • Press
  • Chin
  • Squat

In fact, any kind of abbreviated training is good. Learn to keep your stress low and relax.

Fellow ectomorphs, we’re in this together. We’re blessed with incredible energy, but we disperse it. Our challenge is to focus our energy for the good and super-harness it when we’re ready to deploy it on things that are in line with our mission.