If you are not in control of your attention, you are not in control of your consciousness, and if you are not in control of your consciousness, you are not in control of yourself. Then, for all practical purposes, you are not free; a force other than yourself controls your life.

Red Gold, Grigori Raiport

Attention is a mental quality. Mental qualities, just like physical qualities, can be trained and developed. Scratch that, should be trained and developed.

Red Gold presents an entire routine to increase attention, gain control over emotions, and uncover hidden aspects of your personality.

I went through this routine in 2004. It gave me phenomenal results, but then I stopped. I thought that I had acquired the skill and wouldn’t need to work on it anymore.

Well, unfortunately, mental training, like physical training, requires consistent work and effort. So, I’m starting the routine from Red Gold all over again. And I recommend you try some concentration exercises as well. They’re worth it.

Try this: Position one radio five feet from your right ear and another five feet from your left. Play them both at the same volume but on different stations. Imagine your attention as a beam of light coming from your forehead. Every 20 seconds, switch your attention from one radio to the other. Do this for five minutes for at least a week.