Foods that contain round up

If you have a minute today, just do this simple Google (or Duck Duck Go) search today. Foods that contain roundup.

Several confluences of events are prompting me to write about this. First, Saturday night I was drinking beer. German beer. Why? Because my friend was telling me about the German purity laws which meant higher quality ingredients and no Roundup.

Roundup. That chemical you spray on weeds to kill it. The chemical that some foods are bioengineered to be able to tolerate. But were we?

My wife was taking an infertility class over the weekend. Infertility rates are increasing. Testosterone is dropping.

What the fvck is going on?

At church this weekend the pastor was talking about stages of growth and he mentioned the sheep, the shepherd, the warrior, and the king.

Most of us are sheep he was saying. Perhaps not in all areas of life, but generally. Agree or disagree, we are definitely sheep to our food supply and our air quality.

What can we do?

A huge part of my fitness philosophy is limit the negative accentuate the positive. And it’s OK to know what’s going on, but I try not to conjure a lot of anger about it. Disgust maybe. But generally I try to take that inside and build myself up.

What are your plans to build yourself up this week?

If you’re looking for simple and focused, here’s one: Chin ups, squats, and presses. The squats hit the body all over, really, especially when you start breathing heavily. Chin ups are great for the lats and the arms. The presses are another beautiful exercise the reverses the movement of the chins.

No, you’re not hitting everything here. But you’re getting darn close.

Justin Qualler

P.S. Send this to your fellow man and share the love. We need to know about our food supply and start eliminating things that are hurting us from our diet.

P.P.S. Some foods that contain round up? Wheat and corn. And they’re in practically everything, at least here in the US.