Back in the day there was a culture of build yourself up with the barbell. Somehow, this culture seems lost on many of today’s men.

A shame, really.

The barbell is a builder. Sure, I like kettlebells and all, but the barbell kind of stands out on its own as a builder of strong men.

So, barbell it is.

Now, Perry Rader has a very short book called Perry Rader Master Bodybuilding and Weight Gaining System.

In this book you can learn all about the importance of sleep, your sex habits, your diet, and of course, how to pack on muscle.

Take this workout:

Bench press
Pull over

Real simple stuff. Of course you have the sets and reps issue to sort out.

Sets? Start out with just 1. Build up to 2 or 3. Maybe 1 set for 1 month, then do 2 sets for another month, then start doing 3. Point is, gradually build up.

Reps? In general 6-8 reps is good for upper body and 10-12 for lower. But in this case you’re taking the squat either 3×10 or 1×20 and the squats are meant to be your builders. That is, heavy weight, huffing and puffing to get the rep.

Add weight when you get all the reps. Do the workout 3 times a week.

Regarding all this, Perry acknowledges you have to figure out your own body. Can you recover from 3 workout sessions of 20 rep squats pushed to the limit? Probably not.

But two workout sessions you probably could. Or you could do three and back off the intensity. Or you could do two and then sneak in a nice kettlebell workout.

You got options, and you got a solid program here with a barbell to build you back up.