I was emailing my newsletter just now and remembered George Carlin’s owner rant.

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George Carlin is talking about the owners, the real owners as he puts it.

There’s a reason school sucks and it won’t get any better, he says.

Nothing against teachers, by the way.

But especially at the university level there does seem to be an agenda…and it does seem to be that a more, shall we say, liberal (if not leftist) point of view is being espoused.

And other competing views are being drowned out. Of course, now it’s all virtual. So no more “shame” comments from the wild and weak spectators. The speaker can just “mute all.”

I’ll embed the video in just a second but before watching the point is entertainment. But it’s also comedy to make you think. What will you do about it?

Personally, I’m always trying to dial things back to what I can control. Get my own shit in order. Get my household running more smoothly, be more calm, get stronger and healthier. Tougher, mentally.