No doubt that you’ll see a lot of talk and advice about different weight bearing exercises and calisthenics and boot camps and on and on and on.

It’s all muscle building and toning.

But what about stretching?

Well, some will throw Yoga in your face, but “asanas” (the part of Yoga that the mainstream focuses on), are only one limb out of eight. And it’s only the third. Flexibility is not the focus of asana. It’s preparing the body for meditation. Point is, asanas are deeper than the mainstream would suggest. And, we still have a lack of focus on suppleness and flexibility.

“Daddy, let’s roughhouse,” my youngest will say to me. Of course I smile as she throws her body into mine without regard…or remorse.

She’s supple as hell. Not bound up at all. Not carrying a ton of tension from the day.

Can we get that back? That feeling? Softness. Flexibility.???

Here’s something you might be interested in. Self massage.

If you’ve watched some of my YouTube’s, you’ll know I’ve done a few on George Jowett exercise. Thing is, I’m only covering a small fraction of the material I’m learning from this important man of physical culture.

One of his other lessons was about self massage. And it’s basically rolling your muscles with your hands, always working toward your heart. Feet, calves, thighs, butt, hands, wrist, forearm, bicep/tricep, shoulders, chest, lats, traps, neck. Just grabbing and rolling.

Here’s the thing. This takes maybe 3-5 minutes. Max. And I’ve done it 26 out of the last 30 days.

You can imagine that this is quite the change. And I feel it.

I’m on a sort of “testing” week in the Jowett program. So I was screwing around with some weights tonight and noticed improved forward bend flexibility during a stiff legged deadlift. The strength is good too—I did a one arm deadlift with 135 pounds without too much struggle.

Where is all this leading?

The main focus shift I’ve had with Jowett and in general can best be summarized by “less is more” … “as long as you concentrate.”

I’m gonna play out the rest of his program and do some more YouTubes on the main exercises. The third week of exercises will be coming soon.

If you haven’t watched the first one, give it a go:

Here’s some benefits from the first sequence:

  • More spinal flexibility – easier to look over your shoulder when reversing
  • Better posture, more awareness of positioning
  • Stronger stomach muscles
  • Increased hamstring flexibility

And these are just four exercises. You can do them in 12 minutes. Finish off with a dry towel rub down and the aforementioned self massage.


P.S. Let me know in the comments of that YouTube video if you give this a shot. All I got now in the comments is some goofball pitching his music vid. Not sure wtf but I replied anyway.