It’s all about being strong and capable. I mean, really. No one wants to be weak and incapable, right? Of course not.

So that brings me to the impromptu wrestling match with my 18 year old, athletic, nephew.

Each year it’s like a test of strength. This year, shit, he was stronger again! I knew it’d be different when we began grappling and I determined his shoulders were stronger than mine. The only thing that really saved me was having strong hands and I was able to get him in a half nelson before my mother in law began to protest audible enough so as to force a stoppage.

It’s a reason why I like kettlebells so much. They do such a phenomenal of strengthening the hands, wrists, and forearms that it makes you stronger proportionally all around.

The exercises that develop this strength are the swing, clean, and snatch. Recently I filmed a quick video about these exercises.

In addition to that video, you can check out the exercises page a video on the swing and here’s a link to one on the snatch.

Lots of other great exercise tools, but these exercises with the kettlebell really can’t be beat. It’s why I like kettlebells so much.

Had it been a real wrestling match, it’s hard to say what would have happened. I am proficient at getting people in arm bars, but until you go all out, it’s hard to say who the winner is. In any case, until next year, AJ.