Ran across a Joe Rogan clip talking about Mike Tyson coming back.

Check out this vid:

Some raw stuff there. Very motivational to see. That man has been through a lot.

Have you thought of some of your own comebacks? Maybe at a different scale than Tyson but…

  • The comeback from alcohol or drugs
  • From porn or just a news addiction (news porn I call it)
  • A restoration of a relationship

This week I’ve been having a comeback of sorts. From distraction. All this covid crap.

There’s fear there. I see the charts of revenue loss for my company. That means cost cutting. Names on spreadsheets with a “Layoff” column that has two values “Yes” or “No”.

Incidentally, my dad told me a story once. Layoff time. Going through the list. John was targeted, but good thing for John–he was the company Santa Claus.

“You can’t layoff Santa Claus,” someone said.

And then…they didn’t.

It begs the question, what small things are you doing? Encouragements. Comments that have big impact.

That’s actually why I initiated a 30 day challenge for myself and really started focusing on phone pick ups. The phone can be a big distraction.

It’s a stimulation. A dopamine hit.

So I’m watching it. A few days, I already feel better.

Speaking of small actions that have a big impact…single leg balance. One minute each leg, 3-5 days a week.

I’ll be doing a video a bit later covering an awesome leg building morning routine.

Not muscles, necessarily. But awareness. Who cares about big legs if your knee hurts when you bound up stairs?

Forget that. These exercises’ll make your legs function like gold.