There’s a book I got for free from Project Gutenberg. It’s called “An Iron Will” by Orison Swett Marden.

Check this out:

“Napoleon used to visit the plague hospitals even when the physicians dreaded to go, and actually put his hands upon the plague-stricken patients. He said the man who was not afraid could vanish the plague.”

“A will power like this is a strong tonic to the body.”

These are the lessons we need to spread.

Not one of fear and recoiling and a safe, no risk life.

If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.

That’s why conditions now are ripe for what is going on.

Who is going to control the narrative?

Remember that Genesis song, Land of Confusion?

It’s as though nothing else is going on in the world right now.

If you looked at focus as a pie chart of attention, you’d see little room for other things.

You know, future-building things.

I can feel it at work, and at times I feel it in myself and I know I need to draw my attention strictly onto the present moment.

And pray. And meditate. And get more grounded. More guided.

Chances are, you’ve had some nagging feeling all your life for what you ought to be doing.

When you were a kid, you might have looked at adults and thought them to be fools.

Then you became one and suddenly the obligation and demands were consuming, and you were swept up.

They call that the hamster wheel. Running full speed and going nowhere.

Sure, going somewhere…progress, bit by bit, but carving out a destiny that was merely a matter of nature and nurture and very little conscious selection.

Those dreams were squashed.

And now here we are. Some us might be clinging onto the life of the past. Pre-covid 19 life.

Some of us are desperately wishing our business would be labeled essential. OR waiting for a government check.

But that’s where we might pause for today. What is essential and what is not?

What are you attached to and can’t give up?

What’s more important? Your money or your soul?

Tough questions of introspection.

But one thing is for sure.

This is a struggle, and people are struggling. And our job is to go deeper within ourselves….

Deeper, much deeper than we’ve ever been.

Beyond the cultural programming. Beyond the programming we received at birth through genetics.

Deeper still.

And remember that voice…that vision from the past.

The one where there wasn’t fear. The possibilities were open.

Assignment: Get thee some 3×5 index cards (or whatever dimensions you metric folks have!)

Write down statements of power about what things you see happening in your life… the things you think when you eliminate the fear.

Review those cards frequently.

Many will be saturating their minds in negativity…in fear…in anger…but if you can avoid that…

You will be a light to those around you.

Vision setting is a key part of what I do in Lean, Healthy, Strong and as a bonus for getting LHS you also get Battle of Mind.

It’s all about the focus of the mind…and if you make mistakes not beating yourself up but getting the overall trend heading in the right direction.

Draw your energy and attention back to the present moment and control the controllables.

As Pavel Tsatsouline used to say

Power to You!

Justin Qualler

P.S. Here’s that link—I didn’t want to interrupt the flow: