There are a few things that comprise a good training program:

  • Strength and Prowess – Easily carry groceries, luggage, laptops, boxes, furniture, etc. Ability to do pull ups, full squats, sprint, jump, play, etc. Climb trees, run up a hill, pick up a kid and put them overhead, open jars, etc.
  • Flexibility & Mobility – Crawl on the ground, get up off the ground easily, relaxed, loose muscles, etc. Playful and springy muscles.
  • Endurance – jog for three miles, maintain composure under duress, long sets of kettlebell snatches or push ups, moving all day long, being outdoors all day long and being active, etc.

This is a good mental picture to have of yourself. Totally capable, energetic, vital, an encourager. Strong. Flexible. Feeling great and looking great.

Training is an important part of your daily schedule, not to be ignored. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but the time you give it needs to be focused. You have a purpose – you are focused and directed, you feel your muscles, you’re aware of them, and you concentrate on what you’re doing.

Your Schedule

I have no idea what your schedule is but likely you will have one of three times you can train. Morning, noon, or evening. Depending on what kind of training you are doing, you might have more flexibility—i.e. whether or not you need equipment.

How many times per week

I don’t plan how many days per 7 day week I train. Here’s why. Life is constantly changing. One night, my daughter might not sleep and I might be tired. Why push it? I’ll train heavy the next day and go for a walk today and push back my training session. Not getting locked into a “I have to do X in 7 days” mentality, it’s easier to pay attention to your body. So, you might train 7 days per “week” but your training week is 10 days.

What do my training sessions look like?

It depends on your goals and your training capacity. Here is an example:

Here’s the training log written down, since I can’t explain the whole thing on the video.

You see that I mix in some different stuff—not all kettlebells, not just cardio, it’s a blend. But, I follow some themes when I train and that is that I focus intently on the exercise I am doing and I train my body in movements.

With a focus like this, you can achieve amazing results and leave a lot of time for your other pursuits.