If you were to plot your sitting over time, I suspect you would find it is increasing as you get older. Unless you have a career where you need to move around a lot, it’s easy to default to a sedentary life. Sure, you might exercise, but that sitting is a killer, particularly if you end up in a poor posture.

Nearly everything is a closed-chested activity. Driving, using the phone, typing, sitting in meetings, and so on. My favorite exercises lately are those that open my chest or exercise my back and pulling muscles.

I recently bought Super Strength by Alan Calvert. He describes the pullover exercise in meticulous detail. Now, I’ve read a lot about the pullover. But Calvert breaks down all the key points and gave me details I’ve never seen before.

Arms must be straight. Perform it with a barbell. For my weight (165) he recommended starting with 30 pounds. Don’t count the reps. Concentrate exclusively on the performance of the exercise. Breathe in fully on the way down with the weight to really expand your chest. Breathe out on the way up. This one was worth a video.