Tom Brady. Picked up his TB12 book and was pretty inspired.

Dude realizes his body is his source – his key. So he will do all the right things.

Not drink caffeine – it dehydrates the body.

Not drink alcohol – it dehydrates the body.

Not eat processed foods – they’re not good fuel for the body.

He even plays specific memory games to keep his mind sharp to make quick decisions.

All the above keep the mind sharp. For example, if you’re dehydrated, you can feel fatigued, your memory falters, your mood goes south. He has a water drinking strategy. No kidding. One key is to not drink water at meal times because it dilutes your digestion.

So why shouldn’t we all follow Tom Brady’s advice and reign in our bad habits? We’ll be better for it. Just think: you’re sitting in that meeting not paying attention. Hey – this is your career. Focus – do all the right things so you can focus well.

Speaking of fitness advice, you can find great diet and exercise tips in my Lean, Healthy, Strong book. Unlike Tom Brady, I’m a guy who is forced to be a bit more practical, considering the differences in our pocketbooks.

What it amounts to is that Brady does the right things to set himself up for success. Why shouldn’t we? But no deflating footballs… 😉