If you’ve been around here long enough you’ve heard me say a thing or two about Paramahansa Yogananda.

He was the author of the Autobiography of a Yogi, the book that Steve Jobs read every year.

I distinctly remember reading this book in a hotel room in Washington state when a slip of paper fell out.

It was for these “lessons.” After reading the book, I was convinced, presumably like Steve was (he read the book every year and every person at his funeral received a copy of it) that Paramahansa Yogananda knew what he was talking about.

What Paramahansa Yogananda said about the future

He said that there was going to be a time of great struggle and community would be very important. In fact, he became very emotional about it. He implored people to band together.

As you know, I write this newsletter about health, fitness, and mental stuff…things like addiction and really getting into your thoughts to make improvements in your life.

But I sense a deepening of this calling.

Because I’ve had Paramahansa Yogananda’s warning in mind for quite some time and I’m experiencing what is happening as we react to this virus, I sense a dark trend.

Government’s fearful response

Last night I watched our state governor, Tony Evers, announce that he was continuing safer at home until May 26th.

There are a ton of restrictions that come with this and one of the major consequences is the closure of all public schools and the tremendous job loss.

You can imagine what that looks like. Desperation. Anger. Fear. And throw kids into the mix.

Suicide hotline calls are up, domestic abuse is up, and you can bet that child abuse is up, too.

Not to mention alcohol sales and people are still eating plenty of that great-for-you fast food.

Based on our actions “We’ve saved 300 to 1400” lives, Mr. Evers said.

If we had an honest news media, the headline would be “300-1400 lives saved, hundreds of thousands jobs lost, 6 million lives impacted”

Something like that.

Our media is failing us

Additionally, if we had an honest news media, we would be having a much larger public health conversation.

Because we don’t, and because the media shames anyone suggesting that it is wrong not to close down everything just to save a few hundred lives (do yourself a favor and YouTube George Carlin Fear of Germs), Paramahansa Yogananda’s advice is seeming very prescient.

Fact of the matter is, as a nation—I’m talking the US here—we’re incredibly out of shape.

And that’s what we should be talking about.

We should talking about how we’ve been wasting our time saturating our minds in mindless entertainment, booze, drugs, porn, all while stuffing ourselves full of meat and vegetables pumped full of hormones and pesticides.

Getting fat, and fatter…and dumb and dumber

Instead, we’re hearing about a new normal where we wear face masks, don’t shake hands, and live in fear of one another—and report one another for violating these new restrictions.

And we focus relentlessly on the number of deaths and total number of cases while ignoring the deeper data like percentage of death with pre-existing condition, which pre-existing condition was it, and so on. Not to mention how many hospital beds are actually taken divided by the total number of hospital beds.

We’re all in this together…but we’re not going to share with you what we know.

All right. Fine. Thanks for depressing me Justin.

WTF am I going to do with this?

  • One. You’re gonna get to know your neighbors. Names, faces, phone numbers. Develop relationships in your local community.
  • Two. You’re gonna take your top three bad habits and work on them.
  • Three. You’re gonna get clear on your vision…why you’re really here and what you really should be doing.
  • Four: Learn valuable skills like gardening, hunting, and so on.
  • Five: Make phone calls and write letters and speak your mind.

If you haven’t looked up at the stars recently and considered the enormity…

If you haven’t slowed down to meditate and pray…

If you haven’t fasted…

Take the time now. I do believe we are spiritual beings having an Earthly experience and we are being tested.

Some will be all in on Mr. Evers decision and live fearfully. But many thousands of others are collectively saying WTF like me, right now.

And you might be saying that about your own local political decisions.

If you are—this message is for you. Please share it.

Take the steps above and if you need help with vision setting and health and fitness routine, then check out Lean, Healthy, Strong:


Justin Qualler

P.S. I’m not minimizing death. But people die. Every day. More from other things than this. Let’s be smart. And part of being smart is learning to be more self-reliant.

P.P.S. Not to fear monger, but if you’re still making out with random strangers, I suggest you stop.