Fill in the blank? What do you do?

The morning is an interesting time. I remember when I was laid off from work and decided to use my mornings to read positive literature. 20 days later I was contacted for a job (I had been unemployed for months).

Now I will exercise or write in the morning but I am beginning to add in more good literature to set my thoughts right—it’s like programming your mind, and in since there is a lot of negativity, a good read in the morning is a necessary antidote.

One thing I try to avoid in the morning is rushing. I like to have some time and space to think so I get up before others in the house. Rushing in the morning sets the day up completely wrong. Rushing produces mistakes and dims awareness.

I think the morning can be a time when a lot of thought damage is done. I know I’ve done my share. Laments about the day ahead, thinking about being tired, and so on. I used to have a negative internal dialogue. Many people do. And this dialogue likes to start out bright and early in the morning. I’ve beaten it down by reading some good books that change the thought architecture.

The morning is important from a health perspective. I just talked about thoughts, but there is also the matter of nutrition and activity.

You can really do yourself a lot of favors by architecting your morning in a way that is favorable to your health and wellness.

Here are some tips:

  • Develop some healthful morning routine, whether it is meditation or exercise
  • Read something positive and pay attention to your thoughts
  • Find a healthy breakfast that you enjoy

I will go as far as to say that the morning is a sacred time–and I think that a lot of times we just rush through it, and as a consequence, start off our day on exactly the opposite plane of existence we want to be on.