A while back I was reading about a prison guard. This guard wasn’t an imposing figure by any stretch of the imagination.

A career liability of sorts. Probably better to look stacked when you’re dealing with men behind bars.

But this guy did have something unexpected.

Something that as soon as he grabbed you, it made you take notice.

Hand strength.

When he grabbed a prisoner, they went docile in his hands, realizing there was some strange force behind the man.

When you have strong hands, you can make everything else stronger. In fact, if you have strength in just two key areas—your stomach and your hands—you can summon more strength from your muscles than the average bear.


It’s a nervous system thing. And it doesn’t really matter why. The point is, it works.

So, consider this. For a paltry 30 bucks, you can get a Captains of Crush gripper and an ab wheel… and that’ll put you well on your way to high strength levels.

Now one small tip. I have these CoC grippers at my desk. Periodically, I will spend a few months training the grippers. 3-5 squeezes per day.

That’s all it takes and you’ll feel a huge surge of strength through your hands. And the rest of your body.

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