“What time is?” Joseph (the future Mighty Atom) asked?

“Morning?” Valenko replied.

“Why are we up so early?”

“It’s the best time.”

“For what?”


Tell you what. I’ve been pretty pumped up reading about the Mighty Atom. It’s not long into the book that you get into what makes everything work: willpower.

See, his doctors (like a lot of doctors in that day I suppose) thought he was going to die. He was weak. Perpetual cough. Emaciated. Then, he ran away to the circus and met a strongman named Valenko who nursed him back to health.

It started out by, wait for it, breathing exercises. Isn’t that interesting? Open air breathing exercises, shirt off, putting snow on the body like soap.

Valenko trained Joseph for a year and a half and then one day dropped him off on the side of the road. This is it, Pal. Go home.

Tough love, eh?

We don’t live in these types of tough times any more, that’s for sure.

So it is we need to train physically and mentally. Last week I shared some breathing exercises I learned from Jowett. Here’s a new wrinkle on these: do them outside, even in the winter. Train yourself to wear as few clothes as possible.

Now, as Wim Hof says: don’t mess with your physiology. Don’t rush into this type of thing. But. Realize, the mind is the driver and the body is the slave. Overcoming these types of challenges are crucial in the soft age we live in.

If you haven’t seen it, check out the video of the Jowett breathing exercises and give it a shot.


You’ll thank me.

Justin Qualler

P.S. The Mighty Atom could pull cars with a rope tied to his hair. This stunt developed about a half inch of muscle on top of his head, which came in handy when he was clubbed over his head by Nazis. Interesting life, huh?

P.P.S. The Mighty Atom typically trained with weights no heavier than 25 pounds. It’s all about the mind body connection–not the weights.