dip chin beltSo, you can do your pull ups, chins, and dips almost effortlessly. You’re wondering: what’s next?

Well, you could do more reps. More reps is always an option, but the more reps you do, the more time it takes. Besides, you want a really strong upper body.

I say, add weight. If you want a strong and powerful upper body, adding weight to chins, pull ups, and dips is a great way to get it.

But, how do you add weight? Well, you could do what I did when I first started adding weight to these movements: put weight in a backpack. But, that only works for so long and it changes the groove of the exercise.

You could also buy a really cheap dip / chin belt that’ll break in a few years. But, what’s the point? You’ll be exercising for the rest of your life.

Get the Dip / Chin belt from Iron Mind. This thing is awesome. For one, it’s really quick to use. You can put the weight on the belt in about 15 seconds or less. It’s also extremely sturdy. I bought mine in 2005 and it still looks like new. I’ve supported 106 pounds from this belt with no issues whatsoever. I know people who have supported more. It can take the stress and the wear and tear.

The belt fits nicely and comfortably on your back. It fits in place snugly and stays put so you don’t have to worry about it during your reps. The weight hangs between your legs and doesn’t change your groove during the exercise (like a backpack would). It also folds up nicely when you’re not using it so you can store it in a drawer or some other place where it is out of site (from your wife!).