As kids our eating instincts were perverted by well-meaning but misguiding parents.

And then there were the breakfast cereal advertisements. Not well-meaning.

Shilling sugar to unsuspecting kids who would then persuade parents to buy garbage.

Now there is the portion size problem. This runs into the “Well there are starving kids in [insert country here] so eat your food.”

Yes, parents actually said that. I’ve confirmed it with others.

There is also the clean plate club. Good boy! You finished all your food!

Of course our parents didn’t want us to grow up fat, soft, and weak, but this mental programming we have towards food has created exactly that environment here in America.

Stop Pointing Fingers at the Obese

It’s easy to look at obese people and point a finger.

I like to pick on people who aren’t obese.

People who through exercise or a higher metabolism are able to transgress the laws of eating with seeming impunity.

At least, on the outside. They’re suffering from diseased minds and over-taxed digestion.

For the finger pointers who like to go around self-righteously saying: “Oh, why can’t those people eat less food!”

Here’s a question for you: Why can’t you reform your eating habits and eat the way you know you should? Why do YOU overeat? Why do YOU eat too many snacks?

Because reforming your eating habits is fucking hard! That’s why.

That garbage mental programming goes back to childhood, EARLY childhood where you got little bits of sugar because you behaved. And now you’re an adult and you eat a donut in the morning for the hell of it, just like the big little kid that you are.

Faulty Thinking Creates Liars

According to Neo-Tech, the only disease of the conscious mind is mysticism. This is that something for nothing mentality, that mentality that rationalizes poor behavior choices instead of honestly confronting them and saying they are wrong—and then stopping.

Fuck that’s hard!

The conscious mind can rationalize. Therefore, the conscious mind can lie to itself. This is a diseased mind. We all have one, and therefore, if we have any self-respect for ourselves, we should be assiduously monitoring ourselves and figuring out where we are wrong and correcting it.

Coming Clean

Recently I’ve been exposed to how thoroughly I’ve transgressed. This happened through self-awareness, correction, and gout—yeah, rich man’s disease.

For one, I had a hideous alcohol problem. As I peeled that layer off, I noticed other areas of my life where I was below the mark.

What’s really become apparent is food addiction. It’s a reward system. It’s a placater. It’s a boredom-killer. It’s a drug. It’s a refuge for that child-like part of myself to think it can get its way with impunity. (Just look at my face in my food addition post, total little kid look.)

It’s not just me, either. I watch other people and they have the same problems that I have with food.

We’re lax about it. Especially if we’re skinny and in otherwise good shape.

“Oh–you can eat a little more–you’re skinny!” I’ve heard that bullshit all my life!

That line of thinking is full of incorrect thought. Eating takes energy. Take more energy than you have and you get sick, run down, and need more rest. Then because you ate too much, you have to caffeinate yourself to get through the day.

The Only Real Healthcare Solution

Food is medicine. How we eat and what we eat matters. The reason we can’t afford healthcare is simple—practically the entire populace is living and eating incorrectly. That’s why.

You have an obligation—if you don’t want to be a liar—to do everything in your power to conduct your affairs in the healthiest manner possible within your awareness. Of course you’ll make mistakes. Of course it’ll be hard. Of course people around you will make fun of you for trying to be healthy—you health nut you. But you’ll feel better, have more energy, more peace of mind, and run circles around your well-fed (and poorly fed) counterparts who insist upon an irrational engagement with life and their health.

Why am I so passionate right now? Because I just overcame a food attack—a nearly insatiable urge to put something in my mouth just for the hell of it!—and I feel great!