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jacque-fresco-the-venus-projectJacque Fresco. The guy is almost 96 years old. He’s a self-educated structural designer, philosopher of science, concept artist, educator, and futurist. Jacque—wow!—what a successful ager!

Nowadays he’s known for the Venus Project. I first learned of this project from watching the Zeitgeist movies.

He presents an alternative narrative to our current narrative. Here are some selected quotes:

  • We’re programmed, he asserts. “Every word we use, all our facial expressions are learned from movies, books, role models, television, radio, soap operas. All of that shapes our values.”
  • “People are not concerned with one another and with other nations. We are concerned with the future of humanity. The Venus Project is to build a better life for everyone–not just a few.”
  • “Very few people are really individuals. Although they think they are–they believe they’re individuals–but they always reflect their culture.”
  • “We’re moving technically, but not socially. Computers are getting better / faster, but our social system has poverty, hunger, unemployment, all that is not necessary.”

In the video embedded below, he’s “ruthlessly honest” and “talk[s] about things the way they are” which is refreshing. Given that he has 95 years of life experience, listening to him is worth your while.

By the way, Jacque doesn’t just point out the problems—he presents solutions. Though he admits that “People do not move unless conditions force them to move.”