There’s this vision. The man of the house going to his basement…his garage…and exercising.

This man is training his body and mind.

This man is the rock of his joyful and peaceful home.

In a kick a$$, athletic body to boot.

Sounds cool.

Also, this man isn’t glued to his smartphone. Nor does he have to constantly stimulate his mind.

He can sit still and really listen and pay attention to people.

This man isn’t a drunk, an addict, or abusive. In fact, he’s the opposite.

Sober, clear-minded, and loving.


Vital – a pulse of nerve force.

What will it take to get there?


Daily disciplines.

Clear vision.


Here’s something quoted in Lean, Healthy, Strong:

  • Form the habit of deep meditation
  • Form the habit of doing good to others
  • Form the habit of being moderate in everything, cultivate a good character
  • Form the habit of eating properly; taking enough exercise; and planning healthy wholesome undertakings
  • Form the habit of making practical, creative efforts that produce the necessary prosperity

A good start.

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