Super strength? What? That skinny dude from Wisconsin is talkin’ bout super strength?

Hang on, pal. I’m talking about what Alan Calvert wrote in his book Super Strength, and a big part of strength lies in having strength on all four sides of the spine: obliques x2, back, abs.

Now then. Let’s talk about the sides, the obliques, and this killer exercise I’ve been digging for awhile. The overhead side bend.

Take a pair of light dumbbells, hoist them overhead, and bend over to the side. Focus. Concentrate. See how far you can go.

Let me tell you what is happening to me with this exercise.

First of all, my lats are sucking my shoulders down into their sockets. This connection makes me way stronger. The body is a unit, not disconnected body parts, and when the lats pull down the shoulders it’s all connected.

Look at Bruce Lee’s lats. Think he didn’t derive insane strength from those bad boys?

But then you also have the benefit of working the entire side of the body. And the flexibility you can get in your shoulders.

Anyway, it was enough to do a YouTube about.

And, there’s more in the YouTube. I figured I’d package a few different exercises up for you. Consider it the strength on all sides package of exercises. When you tie in a few exercises like that and focus on them and give them a mental thrust like “I’m developing strength on all sides” – you get added benefit.

You can multiple the effect by concentration. This is the mental multiplier. It’s where you fully apply your mind exclusively to what you’re doing. You can also do this at the end of the day when you concentrate on the day’s lessons learned. That’s just by the way.

So, check out the video. And if you dig this exercise, get in on the Jowett fun. The overhead side bend is NOT featured in Lesson 1, but the lead up exercise is. And I tell you what: progression is the name of the game.