Some of the more popular stuff on my site addresses this subject: isometrics

The cool kids always come out for these. Those cool kids are the ones who have tried them and realized…

Holy shit!

These things really work!

Think about some of your most physically demanding tasks. Let’s take moving for example.

How are your arms working when you move stuff?

They are locked into an isometric contraction.

In Rock, Iron, Steel – Steve Justa explains basically that isometrics will rock your world and he never felt stronger than when he was doing them.

So, I don’t have anything new here, but I want to link you to some existing stuff while refining your understanding of isometrics.

  1. Isometrics can be used with awesome results during stretching
  2. Isometrics can be used with parameters (2 minute hold, 40% tension / 6 second hold 90% tension)

This gives you some freedom when you think about application.

Personally, I’d run out and buy Justa’s book. It’s the most comprehensive I’ve seen on the subject and frankly I don’t have anything better to sell you!

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