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But if you think this is just another fitness and health newsletter  dispensing the latest fads and gadgetry…think again.

I hate that stuff. Recreating the old to make it look new and donning some fancy apparel and a fake smile…forget about it.

Here’s what I want for you: practical, hands-on, and easy-to-implement fitness and health information that gets you started and keeps you going on the Path.

The Path of Self-development, whereby you overcome your cultural and even genetic(!) programming to be WAY more than you are now.

I’m not some guru fitness instructor in a gym. Nor do I own a gym. I’ve been trained and coached by some of the greats, including Steve Cotter and Steve Maxwell.

I’ve compiled a library with books from the greats like Saxon, Jowett, MacFedden, and more.

Unlike unrealistic trainers, who live their lives in gyms and dole out fancy routines and supplements, I’m the hardcore dude in his Home Gym efficiently and effectively keeping myself stronger, healthier, and more flexible than most of the population.

This is due to not making any excuses and applying Disciplined, continuous effort.

When you sign up for the newsletter, you get your copy of the Fitness Manifesto: Remake Your Life with Five Simple Steps. The tried and true advice in this missive can—on its own—give you the info you need to make massive improvements. If you study it and apply it.

And that’s the key to my stuff. Short. Concise. But you must study and apply.

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I give you five days a week of useful, practical information that can change your day, change your week, and give you the Power for a better life. So be warned! I do email a lot. Sometimes everyday of the week…and I’ll be sure to mention my products because I want to help you as much as I can.

One last thing: I take my list seriously and will never sell it or abuse it or give you less than stellar information that at least puts a smile on your face. You can trust your email here. Scroll up and get signed up.

See you on the other side.