I’m not really accustomed to working out at 8pm at night, but things change. After the third time going into my daughter’s room (the last time to assure her that if she doesn’t want to go to ballet it’s ok, she doesn’t have to be concerned about it), I decided it was time to work out.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been dipping into some isometrics—particularly because of issues with my left arm (I tore my pec in 2004 and it’s just not the same). The isometrics are like medicine for body awareness. They’re really helping.

IsoHoldLegsLeftArmCrossbody 229x300 - Night time workouts?But this evening I did more than just isometrics:

  1. 3 sets of 10 hindu push ups
  2. 1 set of 40 flutter kicks
  3. 3 sets of 5 pull ups
  4. Assorted pulling and pressing isometrics, curls and full body pulls using ropes and digging into the ground with my feet and leg strength
  5. 2 sets of 5 pistols
  6. 1 set of 30 hand to hand swings
  7. IT band rolls
  8. 1 set hold, 60 seconds, horse riding stance
  9. It was bath night and during the bath I did some forward bends and chest stretches.

At work I went for a 15-20 minute walk by the river in the snowy path. It was cold so I jogged a bit to stay warm.

That was about it.

Too much distraction at work today – doing some testing tasks and sometimes I don’t stay focused when I’m waiting for an application to perform some function. I’ll be better tomorrow. I want to stay in the present so I can keep in mind the grand scheme of things while I wait a few minutes for something to complete–not dissimilar from focusing on the intent of the exercise during the rest period.

In about 30 minutes I’ll meditate and then it’s off to bed. I wouldn’t exactly say kids wear me out, because I hate to use that phraseology, but there is a point right around bed time when they suddenly get hyper (even though they are tired) and then they want to eat again (even though they had dinner about an hour ago). It’s at this time when I sometimes feel fatigue, or perhaps a bit out of control. There is no switch to flip to turn the kids off and get them to sleep. Therein lies the challenge of staying calm and loving but firm.

Smiles and snuggles at night are better than crying and anger. And night time exercise isn’t ideal (at least for me), I got it in and I’ll be better for it.