The head forward posture. Shoulders rounded forward. Slouched. Hunched over.

A few years back I bought Super Strength by Alan Calvert. In the Amazon reviews, some guy said he’d send out a Calvert bulletin to anyone interested. I contacted him. Weeks later I received something in the mail from Israel. Then we had an email exchange.

He sent me Calvert’s bulletin 48. It’s difficult to explain the nuances of what Calvert writes about. He’s very detailed. Stand taller and see how you breathe are his instructions, in essence. But he gives paragraphs of details and commands. In general, think of an awareness of how you hold your body. And strive to hold it in the proper posture. This upbuilding force regenerates you.

Sitting class posture suffers are often mostly indoor people. A remedy for this situation is to walk outdoors. Make it a habit. The side benefit is you end up exposing yourself to inclement whether. This toughens you physically and mentally. Walking is great.

Here in Wisconsin, we’re looking at -20 F temperatures coming up. An impressive bout of cold. Reminds me of something Steve Maxwell said, that he had heard from others–“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” There is such a thing as bad posture, and how you hold your body position has a big effect on your mental state. It’s something to ponder, and there’ll be more details in a forthcoming post.