It was in 2003, just after I had drunkenly crashed my car into a telephone pole when I found Power to the People, by Pavel Tsatsouline.

I was at a low point, for sure. And here is this confident Russian who came to America and was making a name for himself…and had some killer information.

It was a fork in the road moment in terms of my weightlifting. Pavel explained so much stuff I didn’t know, but immediately made sense.

It changed everything. First, I got a lot stronger. Second, I bought his other books and got a lot more flexible. Third, I bought a kettlebell and went to the RKC and met people who’ve been friends since.

So the other day when I saw this in my YouTube feed:

PavelTsatsoulineJoeRogan - Pavel Tsatsouline on the Joe Rogan Experience

I had to click.

Joe really let Pavel talk. Pavel’s a super-smart guy and has all sorts of info. I love how he says things like, we don’t know why this happens. It just happens. And bases things off of the research and the empirical evidence, but doesn’t dig into the why.

I’ve gone a far way on Pavel’s trainings and would never be anywhere near as strong as I am now without his instruction.

The comments in the YouTube were interesting. Many said “this is overcomplicated” essentially.

I agree. For the average person, you don’t need a ton of information and training, you need someone like Jowett and some consistency. Basic exercises, even to the point of just breathing, walking, and sunshine, forgetting all about the weights.

That’s what drives me, to be honest. So many people out there who think they can’t get in shape but really what it amounts to is lack of taking action. Which is why if you are going to delve into Pavel’s stuff, I love Power to the People, which is two exercises, super-detailed, and straightforward.

Learning the deadlift and the strength training principles in this work will put you on a plane above the rest. I’ve done the deadlift part of the program (not the side press) and really enjoyed simple, 5 days per week training…and it took less than 10 minutes each day.

Add that into your fresh air and sunshine walking and you’ll be a whole new man.