Victory, I proclaimed as I checked the box for a year of no drinking and realized I had discovered:

How to set an iron will to stay on the Path and keep all the garbage out of your way

Dear friend,

It’s all mental, Steve Maxwell would tell me. You control your mind and how you perceive things.

What you make of it, stepping stone or stumbling block, it’s all in your head.

He was right, of course. It’s like a self-evident truth.


Look around and what do you see?

  • A bunch of people heads down and glued to their smartphone
  • Neighborhoods with nice houses but no neighborly connections
  • Loneliness
  • Scantily clad woman at the office complaining of sexual harassment
  • Heads down unenthused coworkers
  • Sick and overweight people
  • Addiction to pot, porn, alcohol, video games, and social media

All this points to the battle of mind being completely lost. In fact…it’s like an unconscious population…puppets on strings…out of control and incapable of the deep focus needed for success.


The results show. It feels like we have more stuff but less soul. We have less time with others. We’re rushed. It seems like the connections aren’t as deep.

Our air quality is declining, our water might not be safe, the infrastructure crumbles, and we sit by and…stay mesmerized in our own little bubble, glued to the smart phone.

We’re sabotaging ourselves…

It’s a strange form of self-sabotage. We’re losing the ability to think deeply and we have a bunch of things in the way of us attaining the Mission for which we’re here.

It’s time to be honest about it. Make no mistake. And call it what it is:

We’re in a Battle of Mind

But why listen to me?

Ever since I crashed my car into a telephone pole…drunk out of my skull…I’ve been analyzing myself and my thoughts and the things I do. I’ve spent years meditating and slowing down and journaling and studying some of the great self-willed men of previous generations.

I’ll tell you. It’s been a struggle.

Especially because I never liked the idea of giving something up completely. You just can’t handle it so you have to give it up, poncho. No more casual drinks for you.

Imagine if they said, “Look addiction is a disease. You’re addicted to your smart phone. No more smart phone for you.”

No way. I refuse to hand over my agency. It’s all mental. Which thoughts are leading me down this path? Where do they begin? Why do I need to distract myself?

And that’s where we begin here, in the Battle for Mind:

  • Learn how addictions are really patterns of thought that have become goal-seeking behaviors that are preventing you from living the way you want — and how to change them
  • How setting a strong and compelling vision can be the quickest method to end your addictive tendencies and eliminate time-wasting activities
  • Discover awareness exercises that help dull the call of addiction thoughts and put you back on your Path
  • Gain insight into where you are – are you a victim or a victor? A simple thought exercise designed to expose Weakness in your mentality
  • How giving yourself space and doing nothing can increase your productivity
  • How your posture is revealing your inner weakness — and what to do about it
  • 2 key ways people hold themselves back from attaining more
  • How to track addictions and habits so you can measure and eliminate them – and why this works
  • Simple methods to optimize your use of time
  • 4 hindrances to strength and health – eliminate these and you can really soar
  • How to know if you’re using work as a crutch – a source of stimulation just like alcohol is to a booze hound
  • The 7 ingredients for a successful life – keep these in mind so you don’t stray
  • The strange inner mechanism that sabotages your success – and what to do about it
  • Hackenschmidt keys to health – a succinct methodology that can alter your health and wellness alone – no other material needed

When it’s all mental, it’s not like you need to read some long trope. You simply need to realize what is going on in your head and start figuring out how it got there and whether it is serving you. And if it’s not, work to change it. I say simple, and it is. But it’s Work, with a capital W.

Only this Work is not physical. Your physical reality is an out picturing of your mental interior, but when you first start working on the mental, you don’t see any of the work you’re doing. It’s a different process. A process you can’t see until you start slowing down.

And the more you slow down, the more you see. And then you see it in others. You can read them. You can know which thoughts are painting them into proverbial corners, you can see which news media they are attracted to, and you can see how they are allowing themselves to be programmed.

You need to have a lot of patience and faith on this path. And you need to go through the lessons over and over again and remind yourself. This is why you don’t need some long trope. The work is to remind yourself daily and keep the proper mental attitude. Access parts in Battle of Mind depending on your need for the moment.

The Work is to key into your thoughts and understand how they are leading you in certain directions. Become aware of your thoughts (by slowing down) and change them to better serve you (by having a vision). This means you can:

  • Eliminate addictions
  • Get rid of destructive thought patterns that are preventing your success
  • Improve your posture as you realize certain thoughts are crippling you in a physical sense
  • Win friends and influence people
  • Become magnetic as your self-control and self-Mastery soars…

Living in the mental age, the global consciousness being exposed

Did you know that we’re living in the mental age? This is the age where we need to become more aware of what is happening up in our heads. We’re already becoming more aware of a sort of global consciousness, thanks to the Internet. It’s exposing the Dark and the Light. Everything is being exposed. A sort of mass awareness exercise.

Jeffrey Epstein was exposed on alternative media long before the world ever took notice and then buried it…and then buried him.(!)

There is a big battle going on. We need all the players on the field. And what we need is to slow down, take a breath, and recalibrate and take the battle into their own mind and fix it.

It’s as Jordan Peterson says about cleaning your room. We can do a tremendous amount of good for ourselves and the people around us by looking at our inadequacies and the flaws and the things we’re not doing and then start changing them and building ourselves up as powerful individuals.

That’s the work you’ll undertake in Battle of Mind, learning how to control and direct your thoughts to the ends you desire.

Why are we doing this to ourselves?

Why are we running around rushing everywhere? Years ago, people thought that due to technology we’d all be working less. Hasn’t happened that way, although a lot of jobs have been disrupted, and many people work more hours for less pay. Some people can’t even turn work off, so when they are with their family, they’re really at the office! No bueno.

We’re continually running and wanting more…not at peace. Not poised, not calm.

Why does Steve Maxwell say “It’s all mental?” Why did William Muldoon, another famous trainer of men say that he focuses first on the mental condition?

Because this is where all our problems start.

There is a battle going on for our minds. Who to trust, what to think, who to follow, how to behave, what to believe about what is happening, the “official” narrative vs other narratives, main stream news media vs independent outlets…and the forthcoming Deep Fakes…

We need to pay attention, so we need to clear the crap out of the way and reclaim our Mind.

The benefit of slowing down and acquiring a victorious patience

17%. Seventeen percent. That was the percentage of premature ventricular contractions I was having. Why? Rushing. A poor mental condition. The doctors wanted to give me beta blockers. I said, no way. Where is the end point? Beta blockers for the rest of my life? Get lost.

Now it’s lower than 1%.

What happened?

A lesson. A Gift. Some physical thing telling me I was on the wrong path. Hey, buddy, nudge, nudge. What are you doing over there?

I remember writing in my journal, “with the way I’m living, how could I NOT have heart palpitations?“

So, I slowed down. And in slowing down, I sped up. It’s like the story of the house painting. One painter rushes in and starts right away. The other prepares, moves furniture, tapes, etc. But once the second painter gets going, he easily passes the first and does a better job.

We’re looking for attaining a calm and poised mental attitude. Rushing is incompatible with that.

If you study stimulation and the benefit of real-time emotion analysis in the book, you can develop a program to cure yourself of rushing. Hell, it may even happen naturally.

Analyze yourself first

Why are you where you are? What happened? I can tell you my story. For sure addiction caused me to go down some side roads. I was even taking the freeway straight to Hell at one point.

Poor decisions. No decisions. Just letting the wind blow me.

It’s a reason why to continually get accounts of your progress. Feedback reports.

The hours spent on video games add up to days and weeks by the end of the year. Long hours spent at the office are destroying the fabric of family life, despite the nice house and new cars. Sex-crazed thoughts are devitalizing your nervous system faster than the energy can be recovered. Those daily two drinks are depriving your evenings of the full conscious you need to accurately reflect on your life.

It’s the small daily stuff that piles up like compound interest and either builds or destroys.

You know, our attention is pulled in many different directions and we’re feeling the pull. We’re feeling rushed. Frazzled. People complain of lack of time…but haven’t done the hard work to analyze just where the time is actually going. Keeping track of time for a week, for example.

Accounting. You can’t just say, “I don’t know where it all goes.” Whether with time or money. Slow down and figure out exactly where it is going and whether it is in line with your values and getting you where you want to be.

Keep a journal and have your own private counselor

I paid a few bucks for an app called Day One and prior to that I just wrote in a notebook. We don’t think about it this way, but writing is a tool, something powerful we humans developed that can help us gain insight. We communicate with ourselves.

There are higher aspects of ourselves waiting to offer some instruction. Sometimes this will pour forth when writing in your journal. It’s almost like it’s automatic.

A big part of the success of Battle of Mind is whether you begin to use a journal.

The journal compels you to slow down. It compels you to think objectively about what you’re doing.

I’ve included some powerful questions you can write out answers to. The answers will give you revelations that you can use to progress on your Path.

Take your problems into your own hands and begin slowing down and unraveling yourself in your journal. Reflect, see where you could have been better. Plan, design future paths and goals.

The power of decision and vision

Success does not happen by accident. In fact, left alone we are merely recreating what our parents and culture have set us up for, barring some catastrophe in our personal lives or some large scale event. We get a set of default programs and run them. Altering them only slightly.

But with the methods in this book, you can alter them radically. At the very least, you can clean up your closet of the junk that is not serving you. Which is an important first step. And let me be clear here. Some of these are things I’ve figured out for myself but most of them are just sourced from works from great minds and great books. (Many of them out of print and rare.)

Anyway, instead of jumping on the thought stream of my parents and culture, I jumped on the thought stream of others who were better (only after learning some painful lessons though). The better people always say you must have a vision.

A strong focus on the Vision has an effect like automatically cleaning up your closet. If you know precisely where you want to go and that is all you think about, the stuff that is not serving you will naturally melt away. Almost automatically.

We can’t throw away our lives by not claiming ownership of our minds. We can’t be puppets on strings living out the lives that were predestined for us by our parents and where they decided to live and which schools they sent us to. We can’t be faked out by mainstream media telling us what to think.

I’ve put it all in here. Self-contained and branching out. Enough here that you can get right on the path, but links to more to go deeper in particular areas, if needed. This is an insight into self study.

Decision time

All right.

It’s time to make a decision.

Maybe you got enough benefit from reading this here sales page. At least to get started. But if you want to go the full way, you’ll need the ebook. And you’ll need to do the work.

Don’t get this if you’re not willing to do the work.

But if you are willing, it’s just a download away.

When you click the button below, you’ll go to a PayPal page. You can sign in to an account or just pay as a guest and enter your credit card info. Once paid, you’ll get an email with a link to download the product, a PDF file.

My recommendation: print out the PDF. Fewer than 25 highly-condensed pages front and back and then you can take notes and underline. Then grab a fresh notebook and get to work.