Achieve self-mastery through correct diet

I want to help you learn how to eat better, and to recognize the amazing power that you can gain when you transform your dietary ways.


Yep. When you can control what you put into your mouth, you gain power over yourself and others.

In fact, ultimately it can help you become incorruptible. Big promises, I know.

Example: Go into any office environment and lay out some donuts. Send out an email and tell people there are donuts. You’ll see heads pop up and immediately begin feeding.

And that’s just for a donut! Imagine when the prize is even greater. That’s how easy it is to corrupt people.

You’re called to be on a path where you live less in the material world and more in the spiritual.

And a big place to start on this path is with how you eat.

That’s the lofty stuff, but there are other benefits:

  • You’ll look better – When you start to eat correctly, you can build muscle and strength more effectively. It’s hard for your body to parse out the junk and extract the good AND build muscle.
  • You’ll feel better – Eating crappy food takes more energy from your body than the food gives back. So you end up devitalizing yourself. Look around and you’ll see it.
  • You’ll lose ugly fat and if you train right, replace it with beautiful muscle
  • You’ll develop a stronger willpower – this one is the key so let’s spend some more time on it, eh?

Train Your Willpower by Controlling Your Diet

By developing self-restraint with eating, you begin to learn the art of self-control.

You might get “hangry” when you don’t eat. Hungry and angry. This is low maturity. This means you have so abused your stomach that your emotions are intricately tied into how satiated you are.

When you get to the point where it doesn’t matter if you eat, but you are living so high you can feed off the energy of life, the universal energy, God, you can begin to develop a rock-solid emotional evenness that can’t be shaken.

It means you don’t have to seek external gratification, you are content within yourself regardless of circumstances. At peace.

Pour this willpower and poise into your goals, your projects, your relationships, and watch your life transform all around you.

When you eat wrong, you use food as a means of escape. You’re rewarding yourself—much like your parents “rewarded” you with tasty treats when you were young.

It’s a perversion. You’re a food drunkard.

And when you escape that perversion, less of the material world rubs off on you and you move in the world, but not of the world.

And that’s ultimately what we’re after.

Which is why I wrote this short info packet about eating. You read the info packet and you get the key ideas behind how and why to eat better.

You learn how your diet gums you up and slows you down. This will dissuade you from having a poor diet. Then you learn what a more optimal diet is and this teaching comes from the Braggs and from Tilden primarily–which is a solid lineage of people who have lived successfully and well in our world and inspired many others along the way, including Jack LaLanne.

This short info packet will compel you to make changes. Those changes will help you master yourself, which will set you apart to do bigger and bigger things with your life. You’ll need to, because you’ll have so much energy you’ll need to learn to direct it somewhere.

You can completely transform your life with diet. This short info packet will teach you how to eat and why. But it must be studied and applied. If you’re that type of person, click the Buy button below and get Eating for Vitality delivered to your inbox:


After clicking the Buy Now button, you’ll get an email with an immediate gratification link to download. It’s the only immediate gratification this work will offer. The rest is your hard work.

P.S. This info packet is short. If you value information by the amount of text, you’re sure to be disappointed. But if you’re prepared to study it, and think about it, it’s worth many times the price charged. It’s less than 8 bucks anyway, so it won’t break the bank.

P.P.S. There is a vital force inside you that is being blocked by how you live and eat. It can’t do its work effectively. Change this and change your life.