Eating for Vitality – using food to get stronger mentally, physically, and spiritually

There are big problems in first world nations. And that means there are lots of opportunities.

Opportunities for self-growth and for drastic and radical improvement.

One way to start is through diet…

Change your diet to

  • Stop building up toxins
  • Stop eating things that make you weak
  • And allow the Vital Force to do its restorative work

You might think this is complex. That you need a degree in nutrition to figure all this out.

Hardly. That’s the trick of the modern age. Overcomplication.

It just requires a ton of self-discipline. It’s hard work. And sometimes the work is only undertaken after some sort of health crisis has occurred.

It doesn’t have to be that way. If you allow the Eating for Vitality info packet to marinate in your mind and introduce to you the natural methods of eating, you can mend your ways.

Here’s the vision: a clean diet that helps you to express your full, honest potential in a healthy, pain-free body.

This info packet is short. If you value information by the amount of text, you’re sure to be disappointed. But if you’re prepared to study it, and think about it, it’s worth many times the price charged. It’s less than 8 bucks anyway, so it won’t break the bank.

There is a vital force inside you that is being blocked by the way we live and eat. It can’t do its work effectively. And so we see disease, addiction, and obesity all around us.

The time to change all that is now.

If you’re willing to put in the work, this short info packet can help you transform your relationship to food. It starts with the weekly Monday fast…


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