You can go from zero to hero using strength legend George F Jowett’s
guided sequence of exercises to get a deep chest, broad shoulders, six pack abs
and a calm energy that lasts you all day long 


Dear Friend,

If you’ve decided now is the time to transform your body and mind into what it can and should be, listen up!

George F. Jowett was a sickly youth who underwent many brutal operations in a time before good anesthesia. (Think restrained by a cage and excruciating pain.) Doctors thought he would die. Jowett overheard them say this and a spirit lit up in young Jowett and he built himself up into an icon of health, wellness, strength, and can do enthusiastic attitude.

Everything Jowett learned he poured into this course of 12 lessons that builds you up from the inside out…fixing your posture, developing rock hard six pack abs, drawing out a beautiful rip your shirt off musculature with a deep chest, broad shoulders, and muscles carved out all over.

And it ain’t just all show no go. Jowett’s stuff works deep and you’ll find a newfound strength you’ve never imagined before.

In short, follow the program and get an ideal body not just for looking at but for enjoying all the good stuff of life.

Amazingly, all this can be done with a couple pairs of dumbbells and light weights that don’t aggravate your joints. You can go your own pace and even the few initial lessons are enough to make a big impact.

You might wonder why I’m so passionate about this Jowett fellow. The reason is I believe that his information can transform you. That buried within you is a super powered body that you can bring forth. And not just your body, but also your mind…and by consequence your spirit—forging an unconquerable will.

Here is what is in store for you:

  • Develop a power-packed chest that gives plenty of room for fresh air and your all-important heart and lungs delivering a newfound vitality and a more powerful appearance
  • Build an athletic body full of strength and speed with an endurance to match
  • Learn exercises that massage your intestines and strengthen your gut where most of your immune system resides and build up your health from the inside out
  • Carve our your shoulders, chest, and stomach for a raw, powerful physique that turns heads
  • Train your mind to think enthusiasm and PEP making you a success in business, at home, and in the community
  • Gain self-confidence as your full-bodied posture is drawn out and your body begins to function at a higher level
  • Look better and feel more confident with a bigger chest and improved posture
  • Feel more calm by developing the capacity to breathe deeply and by following an exercise program that doesn’t fray your nerves
  • Gain more control of your body by practicing your exercises with high concentration and starting slow and then gaining momentum
  • Transform your eating and develop deep ridges in your stomach muscles gaining the coveted six pack abs
  • Improved muscle tone over your entire body
  • Gain a newfound feeling of PEP that puts energy in your step and enthusiasm in your voice and charges up those around you

I’ve put together an updated Jowett course—keeping all the GOLD from the original and putting it in an updated format which is easier to follow, quicker to read, and contains all of the essentials. Plus it includes some of my own personal experiences with the program and how to extract the most success.

Jowett is the great restorer…of bodies and sanity in training

When I stumbled upon this Jowett course, I was having my own battle of weakness. Years of being slumped over in a corporate job, making progress but stifling my inner drive, and battling FOLJ (fear of losing job). I was further weakened by starting grad school with a newborn and 2 year-old at home, and then the sudden death of my dad.

Jowett has taught me all about restoring myself—more than I’ve ever learned from any other source. And not only taught, but showed, through powerful exercises that even with my ridiculous library of health and strength books I’ve never seen before.

His writings are detailed and specific and full of enthusiasm and as he would say, pep!

I’ve gone through this program here and can tell you the results are phenomenal.

Never train bored or disinterested—develop an unflagging CONCENTRATION

If you’re bored in training, you’re not training the Jowett way. I’ve never felt fatigued or lethargic or even dreaded doing a session of Jowett exercises. Why?

They are super-restorative! And, the emphasis, and I mean a sort of “Jowett will kick your ass if you disobey” emphasis is on concentration. This is the key to everything.

Don’t bother doing it if you’re not going to do it right, Jowett would say. His instructions are clear and specific and full of a shot-in-your-arm charge.

Jowett is clear across all his writings: the mind must be focused on what it is doing. This is not unique to Jowett, but I’m telling you here you won’t get results in this program if you don’t cast all your burdens aside and concentrate.

Then again, you won’t get success in life either if you don’t learn to concentrate. Drill this lesson into your skull.

Concentration helps you in meetings, in conversations, and in the gym. Focus on what you’re doing. Make a pact with yourself to not allow distracting thoughts. Jowett’s program gives you the guidance.

Slow and steady wins the race—learn the proper pacing to ensure lifelong success

Too many people jump right in. But this is not the correct way. You need to build up. You can’t be stronger on the outside than you are on the inside.

And that means your digestion. So much of your health is in your gut. So it makes sense to do targeted exercises that massage this region—and to eat correctly. As Jowett says, “Most bodily ailments can be traced to errors in diet.”

Here in America I can say that diet is the most complicated subject ever. Everyone seems to know all about intermittent fasting or keto, or whatever the popular diet of the day is, and yet the majority is overweight (including the people with so much “knowledge”).

Well, it’s not sexy, but here’s this pearl of wisdom:

“One would have to be a chemist to work out the proper proportions of food, but if you’ll follow a diet of a little meat and eggs and an abundance of fruits and vegetables, you cannot go far wrong.”

This won’t sell a 300 page book, nor will it give you a stamp that you can ask food companies to place on their products. But, you won’t go around confused and muddled about what to eat, nor will you have a bunch of complicated recipes which require shopping at different grocery stores to collect all the esoteric ingredients.

Be a hero. Don’t get caught up in food issues like so many others. Dial it in. Food is in lesson 1 for a reason. Most people screw it up by eating the wrong stuff or overeating. And if you’re reading this here’s a tip: you can get the best food in the world and screw it all up by giving your body too much of it or in poor combinations.

Jowett’s progressions are genius and you’re always eager for what’s next

Jowett’s program will not burn you out. The progressions are genius and you never feel tired or overworked. Just pleasantly buzzing with exertion.

Jowett tells you when to drop exercises and add new ones. And when you stop doing an exercise and add a new one, suddenly you’re aware that Jowett has been preparing you for this all along. You see that you couldn’t have done this new exercise before.

Everything is a stepping stone. Just like in life. You can’t skip steps. There’s something about following along in Jowett’s instructions that helps teach this to you.

Exercise is not at all just physical and this is where we get into the mental and spiritual. If you follow along the program assiduously, you’ll get it.

Now, the light weights. Consider the constraints here. The war effort (World War 2 as we call it in the United States) was going on. There was no Amazon and precious metals were being used to build war machines and bombs and stuff.

Jowett developed these things called fulcrum bells that weighed five pounds. You adjust the weight by moving the weight out further away from your body to effect the leverage. I don’t have fulcrum bells, but I did start these exercises out with five pounds. And even though I can lift way more than this weight, I stuck with it.

Why am I getting stronger? Because I’m lifting the weight at different angles and using positions which decrease my leverage. This makes five pounds meaningful. And employing strict concentration doubles the effect. (And in case your curious I recently effortlessly hoisted 53 pounds overhead with full control)

So, what is this program?

The program comes in three courses, each progressively more challenging than the next, and each purchased individually.

Each program includes a “lecture” or two to broaden your understanding of the body and physical fitness and health. Then there are four new exercises to do. After some time, exercises will be dropped in favor of new, more demanding exercises.

You’ll never feel bored if you start off with the right mindset. Jowett is your coach here and he has laid it all out for you. If you don’t follow his instructions then you’re wasting your time.

In fact, I put my wife on this program and she asked me why she should do the exercises at night. “Because Jowett said so,” I told her. I’m not telling you not to use your mind at all, and Jowett does want you to think for yourself, but when it comes to how to do the exercises and when, I don’t question Mr. Jowett.

You won’t either, once you see the phenomenal results you’re getting.

Here are the lessons in order:

Course 1

  1. Internal organ work—the gut
  2. Breathing—posture and developing a bigger chest (fixing the caved-in chest syndrome)
  3. Arm and chest exercises
  4. Bonus calf exercises (the most boring exercises that you’ll never want to give up)

Course 2

  1. Developing the feet and calves into “leaping props of power”
  2. Broadening your powerpack—the shoulders
  3. Strengthening the spine
  4. Getting powerful abs with a rock-hard chiseled look
  5. Increasing your virile powers

Course 3

  1. More chest work to “further increase your lung power for endurance”
  2. Exercises for lengthening your muscles
  3. Power-packing your muscles for peak strength and size
  4. Advanced course and instructions for proceeding on your own

Now—I won’t give you all the lessons/courses at once.

Sorry. Can’t do that.

The important thing is progress and I want you to do the first course and when finished come back and get the next and the next. There are three courses total to this program. Each course, like an Agile sprint, delivers useful features and benefits that will greatly enhance your wellbeing and appearance. But the total package is phenomenal.

Am I losing sales and leaving dollars on the table by doing it this way? Probably. But what’s the point of taking your money if you’re not going to do the work?

I only want people committed to health and fitness here. This isn’t for you if you can’t discipline yourself to do one thing and put your full faith and power into the effort.

So here’s the big buy button.


This will take you to a PayPal page where you enter your information and the goods will be delivered via email.

By the way, I’m just telling you now that I did not price this one cheap. But it’s certainly not ridiculous either. This first course is $19.97 and the next two courses are $9.97 each. You must be committed to this program and I want people who are willing to see this one through and make this program the starting point for dramatic personal improvement. Those who persist will be rewarded with reduced prices in the next two courses. And really, the investment is nothing. When you do this program you transform your body and mind.

But you must take this seriously. This is a phenomenal course and if you stick with it you will likely be rewarded with the best physique of your life.


  • Walking confidently with your shoulders down and back and a deep chest filled with your re-vitalized heart and lungs
  • Looking people in the eye and staying calm and centered even in more heated conversations
  • Getting more rooted by following the program consistently and assiduously, building up a reserve of “I can do it-ism” that can’t be shaken by trying circumstances
  • Not only looking strong, but feeling strong and vital…ready to go
  • Pick a date six months from now and if you follow these Jowett courses, you will be transformed…nerves like steel muscles like iron

Yours in self-improvement,

Justin Qualler

P.S. What about the extra courses? The next course will be announced some weeks after your original purchase. This is to allow you time to complete the lessons faithfully.

P.P.S. You can change your life, your body, your mind. This is a refining program that is perfect for this time period in our history. I’m proud to be able to offer this and hopeful that you will study assiduously and that I’ll be able to see your incredible improvements.

P.P.P.S. Send me details about your progress.


This will take you to a PayPal page where you enter your information and the goods will be delivered via email.