Gain control of your mind and eliminate addiction
with straightforward and proven advice
from sports psychology, self development experts,
and my hard-won experience

Stop looking at the problems of the world and start looking at the problems within yourself.

Here’s the reality: Each day we do things that we know we ought not do.

There’s a voice in our heads saying no, but we go ahead and do it anyway.

Whether it’s taking that extra drink, the extra hit, abusing your manhood, slumped over with a controller in your hand, or just eating too much food.

These addictive patterns are strong. So strong. You might think my God how can I ever overcome them!

But you can. And best of all, you can retrain them. Use that same perverted goal-seeking behavior that’s been working against you…

And turn it all around and use it for good!

I believe we each have a unique calling. And through complacency and just general too much first world luxury, we’ve succumbed to a mediocre life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Inside Top Secret Addiction Beating Methods you’ll find:

  • Inspiration – how to live advice from George Hackenschmidt, key quotes that rouse the fire to conquer, and advice from folks like Ben Franklin, William Muldoon, and even as diverse as Paramahansa Yogananda
  • Vision-setting tips – How to structure your day so you give yourself time to find out where you should be putting your energy
  • Tracking advice – It sounds boring but a simple spreadsheet—or other tracking device—can make a huge difference.

Plus, did you know that simple sleep can be a great way to defeat addiction? Just clarifying your priorities can lead to improved sleep—as you focus more during the day and use more of your energy and eliminate the guilt of fractured attention and a wasted day.

Look around and what do you see?

  • A bunch of people heads down and glued to their smartphone
  • Neighborhoods with nice houses but no neighborly connections
  • Loneliness
  • Scantily clad woman at the office complaining of sexual harassment
  • Heads down unenthused coworkers
  • Sick and overweight people
  • Addiction to pot, porn, alcohol, video games, and social media

All this points to the battle of mind being completely lost. In fact…it’s like an unconscious population…puppets on strings…out of control and incapable of the deep focus needed for success.

We’re surrounded by a bunch of mechanical men and women. That’s part of the battle of addiction.

Getting that perspective on who you are, your power, and how to wield it in a world that just wants mindless consumers who go along with the program.

We have more stuff but less soul. We have less time with others. We’re rushed. It seems like the connections aren’t as deep.

Our air quality is declining, our water might not be safe, the infrastructure crumbles, and we sit by and…stay mesmerized in our own little bubble, glued to the smart phone.

We’re sabotaging ourselves…

It’s a strange form of self-sabotage. We’re losing the ability to think deeply and we have a bunch of things in the way of us attaining the Mission for which we’re here.

All because our energy is being fettered away by mindless addictions we somehow picked up over the course of our life.

But why listen to me?

Ever since I crashed my car into a telephone pole…drunk out of my skull…I’ve been analyzing myself and my thoughts and the things I do. I’ve spent years meditating and slowing down and journaling and studying some of the great self-willed men of previous generations.

I’ll tell you. It’s been a Struggle.

Which thoughts are leading me down this path? Where do they begin? Why do I need to distract myself?

  • Learn how addictions are really patterns of thought that have become goal-seeking behaviors that are preventing you from living the way you want — and how to change them
  • How setting a strong and compelling vision can be the quickest method to end your addictive tendencies and eliminate time-wasting activities
  • Discover awareness exercises that help dull the call of addiction thoughts and put you back on your Path
  • Gain insight into where you are – are you a victim or a victor? A simple thought exercise designed to expose Weakness in your mentality
  • How giving yourself space and doing nothing can increase your productivity
  • How your posture is revealing your inner weakness — and what to do about it
  • 2 key ways people hold themselves back from attaining more
  • How to track addictions and habits so you can measure and eliminate them – and why this works
  • Simple methods to optimize your use of time
  • 4 hindrances to strength and health – eliminate these and you can really soar
  • How to know if you’re using work as a crutch – a source of stimulation just like alcohol is to a booze hound
  • The 7 ingredients for a successful life – keep these in mind so you don’t stray
  • The strange inner mechanism that sabotages your success – and what to do about it
  • Hackenschmidt keys to health – a succinct methodology that can alter your health and wellness alone – no other material needed

Your physical reality is an out picturing of your mental interior, but when you first start working on the mental, you don’t see any of the work you’re doing. It’s a different process. A process you can’t see until you start slowing down.

And the more you slow down, the more you see. And then you see it in others. You can read them. You can know which thoughts are painting them into proverbial corners, you can see which news media they are attracted to, and you can see how they are allowing themselves to be programmed. In short,

You can become super powerful!!

But you need to have a lot of patience and faith on this path. And you need to go through the lessons over and over again and remind yourself. This is why you don’t need some long trope. The work is to remind yourself daily and keep the proper mental attitude.

You can:

  • Eliminate addictions
  • Get rid of destructive thought patterns that are preventing your success
  • Improve your posture as you realize certain thoughts are crippling you in a physical sense
  • Win friends and influence people
  • Become magnetic as your self-control and self-Mastery soars…

But you must be willing to do the work!

This isn’t easy. It isn’t a panacea. You need to take action. If you’re serious and really want to turn it around, you will.

It might take a month…a year! Or longer.

It’s not easy to overcome the nefarious programming of the world and some are in deep.

But it’s possible. And you can do it with this information. I hope you will.

If you’re reading this far down, the world needs a “Revitalized You”

A super-charged Light in the Darkness…an influential and successful Man of Action!

Just please don’t get this if you’re not willing to do the work. I’m not saying it’s simple or easy. It might be the hardest work you’ll ever undertake. The reformation of Self.

But if you are willing, it’s just a download away.


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